Week two of the battle rounds continued tonight on NBC’s Season 5 of The Voice 2013. Who impressed coaches Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green?

Last week’s battles were absolutely incredible! We were so blown away! So how did tonight’s battles compare?

Well, let’s recap some of the best battles on tonight’s episode!

Team Christina’s Josh Logan vs. Michael Lynch perform Maroon 5’s “Harder To Breathe”

This was a pretty great battle to kick off the night. Both really stepped up their game when performing this fast paced hit song by Maroon 5.

Michael stunned us with his epic audition of Enrique Iglesias’ “Baliamos.” His ability to beautifully interchange between English and Spanish really captured our attention. This song choice was a bit out of Michael’s comfort zone, but he did his thing with the song.

However, it was evident that Josh was better suited for the song. He offered a stronger delivery as his voice matched the grit and angst embedded within the song.

Cee lo stated how he enjoyed both of them and that it was a very effortless performance. He credits Josh for almost sounding identical to Adam and praises Michael saying he has an “unassuming energy, but still has a lot of umph.”

Blake says, “I was really into it, both of you gave 110 % up there.”

Adam says, “It was really fun and you guys did an amazing job.” He says that he does think that Josh overpowered Michael a bit, but he doesn’t think there is anything negative to say about the either one of them.

Christina says that the guys really stepped up to the plate. She says she adores Michael and his talent and compliments Josh on his ad libs and ability to put his own spin on songs.

The Winner of the battle is Josh Logan!

Team Cee Lo’s George Horga Jr. vs Juhi perform Gavin De Graw’s “Best I Ever Had”
Although a bit shaky in parts, George had some great vocal moments, while Juhi did a great job of showcasing her uniquely youthful, fresh, and raspy tone.

Adam describes the battle as interesting. He says that although George had a bad note, he got better after that. He says that although he does believe Juhi needs some work, he didn’t know Juhi had so much range in her voice.

While Blake says he would go with Juhi, Christina says, “both of you brought the song alive.” Christina commends Juhi stating: “you have an interesting vibrato, cool inflections, and character within your vocals.”

Cee Lo describes the battle as very brilliant. He gives props for Juhi being “a young Einstein” and George for “coming with a brave heart to pursue a passion.”

Ultimately, Cee Lo picks George! Moments later, Adam admits to being shocked that Cee Lo didn’t choose Juhi, so he decides to steal her!

Team Adam’s James Irwin vs. Matt Cermanski perform “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic

This battle really showcased Matt’s distinctly sultry tone, while James revealed his soulful side. Both displayed powerful falsettos and harmonized pretty nicely.

Blake says, “I think you have the same strengths and weaknesses. Matt has a different sounding voice. It is a very pointed and precise voice, but James has better pitch.”

Christina says that Matt’s falsetto is stronger, but James ended it stronger.

Cee Lo says that “This was a fly rendition of the song. It was tight, dope and fresh.” However, Cee Lo ultimately says he prefers James.

Adam expresses, “I believe in you both, but it was a flawed performance.”

In the end, Adam chooses James as the winner!

Team Christina’s Destinee Quinn vs. Lina Gaudenzi perform Dixie Chicks “I’m Not Ready To Make Nice”

Destinee did such a great job in emotionally connecting to the lyrics of the song. She sang as if she was “mad as hell” while displaying her powerful vibrato.

Lina was technically on point. She sprinkled masterful runs and rifts throughout the song.

Coach Christina gave a standing ovation for the performance.

Cee Lo says, “both of you did a great job. Lina has a very strong and definitive voice, while Destinnee really lived that song out loud and it was really wonderful.”

Adam expresses, “Both of you were very connected to the song, but technically there were problems. It fell flat in parts, but because of your vocal chops I would choose Lina.”

Blake says that Lina performed the song better from start to finish and hit all the notes.

Christina says, “This is a song that if you’re not connected on an emotional level, it will fall flat, but you guys did it!”

She says she is torn between the emotion conveyed by Destinnee and the range of Lina.

Christina ends up choosing emotion over range as she picks Destinnee as the winner!

A few moments later, Adam steals Lina from Team Christina! He says he thinks that there is so much potential with Lina. He says, “Lina has the diamond in the ruff thing going on.”

Team Adam’s James Wolpert vs. Will Champlin perform Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive”

Omgosh this was probably our favorite battle of the night!

James has such a cool voice, yet still has crazy range. He really offered a unique spin to this song, while Will showcased his controlled vocal acrobatics.

Blake says, “I love it cause Adam has no idea what he’s gonna do. James is the surprise of the battle. I didn’t expect that from you James. Will looks the part and is a badass musically, but I’m gonna go with James.”

Christina says that it was a solid and consistent performance by Will. You were very on pitch. James pushed a little too much.”

Cee Lo describes James as “So unassuming” and for his own personal intrigue he would choose him.

Adam chooses James as the winner of the battle, while Christina ends up stealing Will! Smart move by Christina! This dude has massive potential!

Who was your favorite in tonight’s battle rounds? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden