The Voice 2013 Blind Auditions Week 2: Recap of Best Performances

The Voice 2013 Blind Auditions Week 2: Recap of Best Performances

It’s Week 2 of blind auditions on NBC’s Season 5 of The Voice 2013.

The original superstar coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Cee lo Green are back and the talent is fierce!

So, who gave the best performances tonight? Let’s recap our favorites!

Ray Boudreax performs Bill Withers’ “Use Me”

This soulful singer gave an electrifying performance of Bill Withers’ “Use Me.” Strumming his acoustic guitar, Boudreax sang with a mix of a raspy, yet velvety sweet tone.

Both Cee Lo and Blake turned their chairs, each vying to have him on their teams.

Adam said, “You look like Blake and you sound like Cee Lo. You have an epically cool voice.”

Cee lo classically stated: “I believe we are cut from the same cloth. “Your soul is so deep. It was like lightening striking when you did certain things.”

Blake described his performance as “powerful, electric, and swampy.” He continued, “I would buy a ticket to your concert. Welcome to my team.”

Of course, Cee lo interjected, “No No, Welcome to MY TEAM!”

In the end, Boudreax chose Team Blake!

Lina Gaudenzi performs Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”

This former model and classically trained vocalist, gave a breath-taking performance of “Landslide.” She sang the song with a lovely vibrato, while juxtaposing between a strong commanding tone and a tenderly warm tone.

Christina turned first followed by Blake a few moments later.

Blake says, “Team Blake is a natural place for you to be.”

Christina says, “We just need to dive in and figure out where you wanna go. I think you are really something special and unique and people need to know who you are.”

Adam took his sweet time pitching for Team Christina!

In the end, Gaudenzi chose Team Christina!

Juhi performs Duffy’s “Mercy”

16-year old Juhi gave a brilliant performance of Duffy’s “Mercy.” Her quirky yet powerful voice was a perfect fit for the song. She hit all the notes with such effortlessness and really succeeded in creating a fun loving performance. Heck, she got Christina dancing in her chair!

Both Cee Lo and Christina turned around for Juhi.

Cee Lo said, “Your voice is wonderfully unique. You gave a great rendition of that song. It was so strong, so effortless. I believe we are kindred spirits. I feel like you are family to me. I feel like you are like a little sister. I will fight for you.”

Christina tried playing the female card, expressing how she believed she could understand her better than the “male parts beside her.”

In the end, Juhi Chose Team Cee Lo!

Timyra-Joi performs Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire”

OK WOW! This 15-year-old powerhouse singer blew us away with her unbelievably ground-breaking performance of Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire.”

She displayed her incredible vocal range with such ease and effortlessness. She honestly sounded like a seasoned professional.

All the coaches turned around, except for Adam!

Christina reminded the young teen, “I was the first to push my button. I was cheering for you the whole time and then you nailed that run. I’m interested in your growth. I really believe in you. The sky is the limit with you.”

Adam called Timyra-Joi an “unpolished diamond,” and once again pitched Christina as the best coach for her.

Cee lo reiterated his passion in wanting to be a part of Timyra-Joi’s journey and mentioned his desire in nurturing and helping her figure out her place in the industry.

Blake of course emphasized the fact that he has won this competition last year with a 16-year-old girl.

In the end, Timyra-Joi picked Team Christina!

Monika Leigh performs B.B. King’s “ The Thrill Is Gone”

This soul/bluesy singer did a great job of putting her own special twist on a classic song.

The earthy/airy quality of her voice reminded us of Florence Welch’s voice from Florence + The Machine.

Adam, Blake and Cee Lo turned their chairs, each hoping to snag her on their team!

Adam said, “Your sound is really pure.” He further commended her for “the subtle ease of her voice.”

Cee lo said, “You embraced the reality of the song. It was effortless.”

Blake remarked, “You had all the elements of a technically good singer, but then I just fell in love with your voice. There’s something that you have and it’s just star quality.”

Ultimately, Leigh chose Team Blake!

Briana Cuoco performs Lady Gaga’s “You And I”

Although a bit shaky of a start, Briana (sister of Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco) nailed it by the time she hit the chorus with her flawless high register vocal.

Both Christina and Cee Lo turned their chairs.

Christina said, “I was moved by your power and raw talent. I really enjoyed it. You held out those notes really really strong.”

Cee Lo reiterated, “ I felt the power in your voice as well, I’m just a humbling man and I just want to be closer to [your voice].”

In the end, Briana chose girl power all the way and joined Team Christina!

Preston Pohl performs MGMT’s “Electric Feel”

Texan singer and former Christian Band singer Preston Pohl Raw gave a mind blowing performance of MGMT’s Electric Feel.”

His voice so was captivating as he possessed a refreshingly funky type vocal. He flavored the song with a variety of different styles interchanging between a raspy tone and a sexy falsetto. His delivery and energy were absolutely flawless.

All the coaches turned their chairs, except for Christina, who quickly admitted she was “missing out.”

Although Cee Lo seemed like the perfect fit on paper, Adam seemed to be way more passionate about the artist, as he stated: “Tell me what I need to do to be your coach. The conviction in which you sing, I believed you. I’m going to be very very angry if I don’t get you.”

Ultimately, Pohl chose Team Adam!

Who was your favorite performance tonight?! We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

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