Tonight the live rounds took place on NBC’s Season 5 of The Voice as Team Adam and Team Blake took to the stage.

It is finally that time of the season where the viewers’ votes will help create Season 5’s Top 12 of The Voice.

Before the contestants performed, Christina Aguilera and Flo Rida performed “How I Feel.” Christina sounded amazing as always with her flawless pipes.

Now let’s recap our favorite performances from tonight!

Team Blake’s Shelbie Z performs Reba Mcentire’s “Fancy”

Shelbie is definitely one of the strongest female country vocalists on Season 5 of The Voice. Although she seemed a bit emotionally disconnected compared to last week’s performance, she hit a crazy note at the end that got us all kinds of excited!

Christina says, “That was a great performance. I always knew you were a powerhouse. I loved it. It was such a fitting song. I love your growls and the way you get on that stage, you deliver and bring it home.”

Cee Lo says, “I would like to say you are consistently charismatic. You did a great job and as much as I hate to say it, you make Blake’s team really strong.”

Adam expresses, “I think that we have no choice but to praise you. You are not only a good singer, but something clicks in the way you perform. We were all attentive to the whole experience. You were incredible. It was a pretty flawless performance. I loved your energy up there.”

Blake proclaims, “I’m sitting here watching you perform and you command the stage. If I had just woken up from a coma and saw that I would think that’s one of the biggest stars in country music. The way you sound and handle yourself, my gosh thanks for making me look smart.”

Team Adam’s James Wolpert performs Joni Mitchell “Case Of You”

This was a magical performance by James. He proved why he deserves to be in this competition with his uniquely powerful voice. His acoustic version of the song was a brilliant choice as he really showcased his incredible vocal range.

Blake says, “You can’t be a geek and be that awesome. Since that last performance, I was kinda on the fence. The fact that you performed acoustically and sounded that amazing — bravo good job.”

Christina says, “ I was really impressed. I always knew you had an incredible vocal range and that you can execute well. You really grounded yourself in this song. Being simplified could run the risk of being boring, but you made it a safe haven and it was so heart warming to watch.”

Cee Lo commends Adam for his great song choice. He then states to James,“your image and ability is an irony that is very attractive and undeniable. Great job.”

Adam says, “I’m so proud of you. The fact that you bounced back like that, I knew you would from last week, I knew there was something in you we haven’t seen yet. You came back and did something incredibly bold, it was so controlled and you did an amazing job.”

Team Blake’s Nick Hawk performs Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

Nick always brings a fun quirky performance every time he hits the stage. Tonight he did just that. Although a bit shaky in parts, he showcased his undeniable energy and mad flow. His vocals could have been a bit stronger, but there is no denying it was a pretty entertaining performance.

Christina says, “It was a ton of fun, you were rapping and moving and singing. You were giving everything. Fabulous job, you are one to truly bring the entertainment.”

Cee Lo says, “That was a great performance. You have so much natural rhythm. You made it a whole new song, to do everybody’s part is just amazing.”

Adam professes, “I feel like an idiot for letting you go. You are such an entertaining guy. You are just so fun to watch and I’m proud of you.”

Blake remarks, “You did everything you could do on this performance. It was unbelievable.”

Team Blake’s Ray Boudreax performs “Home” by Marc Broussard

We absolutely love Ray’s voice. He has such a purely strong bluesy tone to his voice that really captures our attention every time he performs.

Christina says, “I loved it. That was the most connected I’ve seen you. You brought a realness I haven’t seen before today. You had this cool bluesy vibe. I love that feel for you. I think that was my favorite performance from you. You did a great job.”

Cee Lo says, “Ray, Sugar Ray, great job man! I love to see grit and the way it translated to here. I’m excited about how well everybody’s performing under live pressure.”

Adam remarks, “Amazing job. That’s a hard song to do and you did an incredible job. I don’t have anything but positive things to say.”

Blake says “That was so good, you’re in a cool position to bring so much awareness to swamp pop to a new generation. You are doing so much good for your heart right now and it makes me very excited for your future.”

Team Adam’s Will Champlin performs “Secrets” by One Republic

We adore Will! He is a true artist. Great vocal. Great musician. It was such an epic rendition of the song. He created his own brilliant arrangement with the keyboard. We loved everything about it!”

Christina says, “I love Will! I have a special fondness for you! It was so beautiful and so touching. You definitely put your soul and heart into it. It was so great. I am rooting for you in the competition!”

Cee lo says his performance was really impressive. He states: “It was very dynamic and very definitive performance from you man.”

Adam says, “You deserve to be here as much as everybody else. First of all this dude can play, but your voice especially in the high register– you have a very special gift. And I think you gave a performance of your life tonight!”

Team Adam’s Tessanne Chin Performs “Many Rivers to Cross” by Jimmy Cliff

Teassanne definitely has one of the best voices in the competition. She showcased her powerful range as she infused the song with incredibly intricate runs.

Aww and Tessanne immediately began to cry after she finished performing!

Christina says, “I know what it feels like to cry tears of joy. You deserve every second to feel this moment. As amazing and as incredible as that was, I knew from day one that you have this kind of gorgeous soaring vocal.”

Cee Lo remarks, “We saved the best for last. You are one of my favorites.”

Adam says, “You have such a golden soul. Your heart is so humongous on top of that your talent is just mind boggling. It does not get better than this.”

Who was your favorite performance tonight? Leave your comments below!

Photo Credit:Tyler Golden/NBC