The Voice 2013 Top 10 Perform: Recap of Best Performances

The Voice 2013 Top 10 Perform: Recap of Best Performances

Tonight on Season 5 of The Voice 2013, the top 10 perform. Based on the last couple weeks in the competition, we have our eye on Team Adam and Team Christina.

But, who impressed tonight? Well, let’s recap our favorite performances!

Team Christina’s Jacquie Lee performs “Clarity” by Zed

Jacquie performed a stripped down version of Zed’s “Clarity.” She did a beautiful job of utilizing the softer and quieter portion of her voice as she sprinkled the song with a stunning falsetto. This performance was not as good as last week’s, but still, we give her major props for showcasing a different side to her dynamic voice.

Christina says, “It was so lovely. To see you in a vulnerable setting was so emotional and so gorgeous. It all came together so beautifully. I was really touched.”

Cee Lo discusses how he thinks that Jacquie is one of the best in the competition. He says that although there were a couple shaky moments to begin with, it was still awesome as usual.

Blake agrees with Cee Lo on the shaky moments, but says, “by the end of it you started doing the Jacquie thing that we all love.”

Adam says, “Showing that kind of vulnerability with so much grace at your age is so beautiful and I just want to commend you on that.”

Team Adam’s Will Champlin performs “Love Me Again” by John Newman

Champlin gave a great performance of British singer John Newman’s new single “Love Me Again.” It was a very fitting song for his voice as it gave him a chance to showcase the soulful quality to his voice. We have to say we love seeing him behind the piano while singing. We can tell that’s when he is truly in his element and we love it!

Adam emphasizes how Will is the perfect testament to always hang in there and keep trying.

He says that the song is so in his wheelhouse and he is really happy that Will is part of being the messenger of introducing this song to America.

Christina says Will is the full package being a nice guy with a nice voice. She says Will really came into his own in this performance.

Blake states: “You’re such an accurate vocalist and the way you roll off those notes, I really think you are great.”

Team Adam’s Tessanne Chin performs “If I Were You Woman” Gladys Knight

Tessanne can really do no wrong. Her voice is just so powerful and consistently flawless. She always sings with such depth and passion and we love her for it!

Adam says, “This performance solidifies your presence on this show as a major contender.”

Christina says, “You are a singer that can do so much. I always want to hear different dimensions of your voice because you are so good. I would like to hear more songs where I can hear more of the different elements of you. Great job though, it was beautiful.”

Team Blake’s Ray Boudreaux “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray Lamontagne

This was definitely the perfect song choice for resident Swam Pop contestant Ray Boudreaux.

Blake Shelton says, “That was awesome. The way you sang the chorus and bent those notes over the chords was just perfect.”

Christina says, “I think that out of everyone here you have shown the most growth. I really feel like you have found your identity with blues and soul and it shows a lot of character and I enjoyed it.”

Cee Lo says, “I love your consistency. You stayed in the pocket It’s not suppose to be perfect. It’s suppose to be real and sincere and that’s exactly what it was.”

Adam says, “I always like you. You’ve been one of the most solid performers. There were moments you weren’t as checked in as you should be, but that was just a minutia of it.”

Team Christina’s Matthew Schuler performs “Beneath You’re Beautiful”
First off, we gotta say there is no question in our minds Schuler is a definite contender to take this competition all the way to the end.

Last week’s performance of Hallelujah solidified his spot to us. Tonight he gave a beautiful interpretation of “Beneath You’re Beautiful.” Was the performance as groundbreaking as last week? Not so much, but it was still up there.

Christina says, “Every time you finish a performance, the room just lights up. You create a new height of energy. You make everybody so excited to see and hear you. You blow me away. I’m so connected with you.”

Adam says, “This was no less than amazing, which is what you always are.”

Well, that does it for our recap. Who was your favorite performance of the night?! We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Trae Patton

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