The Voice Season 6 Blind Auditions Continue: Night 3 Recap

The Voice Season 6 Blind Auditions Continue: Night 3 Recap

Tonight, it’s night 3 of Blind Auditions on NBC’s Season 6 of The Voice. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher and Shakira are more motivated than ever to create their strongest team yet.

With that being said, there were 3 auditions that stood out from the rest on tonight’s episode. Let’s recap our favorite auditions.

Sam Behymer performs “Royals” by Lorde

Sam Behymer truly showcased her distinctly refreshing sound with her performance of Lorde’s “Royals.” Her quirky tone perfectly created a special twist to the song.

Adam turns his chair pretty quickly and is then followed by Usher.

Adam says, “You are a breathe of fresh air.” Your performance was so engaging, weird and wonderful.”

He says that although he heard some issues, he believes he could help her.

Usher praises Sam for the “quirky thing going on” in her voice that he says brings out her character.

He ends by saying that he feels like he could compliment her growth.

Ultimately, Sam picks Team Adam and explains that Adam’s recognition of her individualistic sound is what compelled her to choose him.

Clarissa Serna performs “Zombie” by The Cranberries

Looks like The Voice has its resident rocker of the season. Clarissa proved her rocker edge when performing The Cranberries’ “Zombie.”

Adam is the first to hit his button followed by Shakira and Blake. Usher ends up hitting his button at the very end right when Clarissa hits a crazy high note.

Blake says that he loved everything about the performance and couldn’t help but turn around, while Adam emphasizes that he was the first to turn around and praises Clarissa for her song choice.

Usher explains that he turned around at the last second because he wanted to savor the moment.

However, it was Shakira that really stole this one from the rest of the coaches with her epic analogy, describing herself as Alexander The Great (master strategist) versus the rest of the coaches, who she calls cannibals.

In the end, Clarissa chooses Shakira!

Sisaundra Lewis “Ain’t No Way”

The second four-chair turn around goes to Sisaundra Lewis who was a vocal director to Celine Dion. Yup, that’s right you read that correctly, she worked with CELINE DION!

Dion even sent her a special video message before her audition.

Sisaundra’s peformance “Ain’t No Way” revealed exactly why it would make perfect sense for her to be the vocal director for Dion. Sisaundra’s powerhouse vocals created a magical moment as she sang with incredible conviction.

Shakira is the first to hit her button followed by Adam and Blake. Once again, Usher hits his button right at the very end of Sisaundra’s last note.

Blake says, “I would buy your record if it came out tomorrow.”

Adam says, “Your performance was so electric, but I still don’t think that was your best. He says he believes she can be even more amazing.”

Usher explains that he believes there is an opportunity for growth with her, while Shakira says, “You have a ravishing voice and these guys don’t know how to handle you.”

Ultimately, Sisaundra picks Team Blake!

So, that’s a rap of our favorite performances. Don’t forget, all auditions are available for purchase via iTunes right now!

Who was your favorite performance of the night? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden

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