The Voice: Best Battle Round Performances – Oct 8

The Voice: Best Battle Round Performances – Oct 8

Monday’s episode of The Voice on NBC started the highly anticipated battle rounds.

Unlike seasons past, there has been a new twist implemented within the show.

It’s called the “steal.” Once the original coach chooses the winner of the battle, the remaining coaches have the opportunity to steal the losing contestant.

If more than one coach is interested in a steal, it is then up to the contestant to choose among the coaches interested.

The first steal ever on The Voice was Collin McLoughlin, who started off on Adam’s team, but ended up on Blake’s. However, the best steal of the night has to be Adam’s steal of Amanda Brown (who was originally on Cee Lo’s team), which leads us to the top performance of the night! Even though all the battles shown tonight were praiseworthy, there was just one that was on a completely different level than the rest.

Everyone else looked like amateurs compared to the battle between Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte. The two battled out to Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love,” and it was beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the best battles ever seen in the history of this show.

Both Brown and Hunte were absolutely amazing as they both showcased their unbelievably powerful vocals. It was a breathe-taking performance that revealed their colorful vocal range as they both hit every note to complete and utter perfection. They even managed to sprinkle in some jaw dropping runs towards the end of the performance.

It was incredible to watch the way they delivered the story embedded within the song as you could tell they both emotionally connected to the lyrics. Cee-lo ended up making the hard decision of choosing Hunte over Brown.

Nevertheless, Adam, Christina and Blake were all interested in stealing Brown.

In the end, Adam won over Brown and rightly so. He was the most passionate about her joining his team. He gave the biggest compliment of the night, stating how he thinks her vocal ability is right up there with the likes of Mariah, Christina, Whitney and Aretha.

With that being said, I think its safe to say that the rest of the contestants on The Voice better watch out!

There is no denying that Hunte and Brown are two of the strongest contestants of the season.

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