The Voice Blind Auditions: Who Got Coaches Playing a Dirty Fight?

The Voice Blind Auditions: Who Got Coaches Playing a Dirty Fight?

It’s night two of Blind Auditions for NBC’s Season 5 of The Voice! With original coaches Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine all back this season, last night’s premeire episode showcased some of the best talent ever shown in the history of the show!

On tonight’s episode, who impressed the judges and who got all the coaches playing a dirty fight to snag a powerful contestant?

Let’s dig deeper into the best performances of the night!

Jacquie Lee performs “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse
16-year-old New Jersey native Jacquie Lee gave a stellar performance of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” She had such a beautiful jazzy feel to her voice, which complimented the song perfectly.

Both Blake and Christina turned their chairs hoping to snag the young artist.

While Cee Lo obsessed over Lee’s boots, Christina emphasized her ability to relate to the young artist, while stating: “I am hungry to win and I want to be that shoulder you can lean on.”

Blake noted, “I specialize in 16- year- old girls winning this thing.”

In the end, Lee chose Team Christina!

Barry Black performs “What You Won’t Do For Love” by Bobby Caldwell

Showcasing a purely refreshing soulful vocal, while playing an acoustic guitar, Black came out proving he deserved a spot on The Voice. He had such an effortless quality about him and captivated us with his beautiful falsetto ending.

Both Blake and Adam turned their chairs, appearing intrigued while watching Black’s performance.

Blake stated: “ I believe in this guy. I’m desperate for this man.”

Adam didn’t seem as desperate to snag the artist simply stating: “That was weird and Wonderful.”

Christina even started to pitch for Blake.

However, in the end, Black chose Team Adam!

Destinee Quinn performs “Cowboy Take Me Away” by Dixie Chicks

Quinn is definitely one of the strongest pop country vocalists in the season thus far. She sang with undeniable power, yet still maintaining the sweet and graceful aspects of the song.

Christina was the first to turn around, followed by Cee Lo.

Christina who called Quinn “an Angel of God,” stated: “How about this voice. It is destiny me and you. I’m fresh, I’m back, you want me! I love what I heard. There was a great break in your voice and such power.”

Cee lo, admitting to staying silent at first because he was “basking in the image of such beauty,” made sure to point out that despite her beauty, he was of course focused on the way her voice made him feel.

In the end, Quinn chose Team Christina!

Cole Vosbury performs “Movin’ On Up” by Ja’net Dubois

Cee lo was the only coach to turn his chair for this bluesy soul singer.

Cole epitomized the type of artist where you stop and think how the hell did that voice come out of that body?

Cee Lo said, “I picked you because of your balance between country and soul. I appreciate your boldness of choosing to sing a Jefferson song! In addition to how cool you are, you got the people up on their feet.”

Holly Henry performs “The Scientist” by Coldplay

19- year-old Holly Henry gave a hauntingly beautiful performance of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” She sang with a sort of mysteriously earthy tone and clearly proved to have one of the most heavenly voices in the competition thus far!

Blake instantly turned around followed by Adam and Cee lo. Christina ended up turning around at the last second.

Blake stated: “Because of you, I am officially excited about Season 5. I recognize star quality in your voice. I’ve done fairly well with females who are singer/songwriters. Let’s get together and win this thing!”

Adam said, “When you hit those high notes, I thought OMG that girl can sing.”

Cee lo expressed, “You have a voice that is truly beautiful and unique.”

Christina remarked, “You have a soft, sweet, silky tone. I would love to take you to the end.”

In the end, she chose Team Blake.

E.G. Daily performs “Breathe” by Faith Hill

Daily’s performance of Faith Hill’s “Breathe” showcased both a blossoming delicateness to her voice, intermixed with a pure raspy tone.

Both Cee Lo and Blake turned their chairs for Daily.

Blake complimented Daily for her rasp and her ability to hit all the notes she hit. He also acknowledged her falsetto.

Cee Lo stated: “ I like it when rasp is someone’s reality. It’s just a quality in your voice. It reminded me of Rod Stewart.”

Ultimately, Daily chose Team Blake!

Tessanne Chin performs “Try” by P!nk

Chin gave a mesmerizing performance of Pink’s “Try.”

Her crazy powerful vocals stunned us as she did an amazing job of telling the story embedded within the song. Oh and her upper register, OMG absolute perfection!

All of the coaches turned around for Chin as a dirty fight ensued among the coaches, who were desperately vying to be her coach!

Cee Lo said, “You sang the song like a grown woman.”

Adam stated: “You can easily win The Voice this year. It would be a mistake of a lifetime not turning around for you. You’ve got something crazy special.”

Blake professed, “You are so far ahead of the game. I’m so fascinated by you.”

Christina mentioned, “There is so much passion and heart for what you do. You are such a powerhouse. You have a kind and warm sense about you. I want to bound with you and help you in any way that I can.”

In the end, she chose Team Adam!

Who was your favorite performance of the night? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

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Photo Credit: Tyler Golden

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