The Voice: Dez Duron Melts Hearts | Trevin Hunte’s Voice “A Gift From God”

The Voice: Dez Duron Melts Hearts | Trevin Hunte’s Voice “A Gift From God”

Tonight’s season 3 episode of NBC’s The Voice featured the final Top 8 contestants.

The night kicked off on a high note as Amanda Brown gave an epic performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

I have to admit that when I found out she was performing an Adele song, I was a bit worried as Adele is simply untouchable.

However, Brown made the song her own by adding a rocker edge to the song. She perfectly embellished the song with her signature raspy tone.

Blake expressed his enjoyment of Brown’s performance declaring: “You made an Adele song an Amanda Brown song. You brought out the rock element and I can’t seem to get enough of it.”

Christina complimented Brown for giving another dynamically powerful vocal performance, while Cee-lo articulated his appreciation for the risks Brown takes.

Adam praised Brown for her ability to make the song her own and performing the song in her own distinct way, as it did not resemble the original in any way. He further stated: “You knocked it out of the park.”

Another great performance of the night has to go to the lovable Yale football player Dez Duron performing Justin Bieber’s “U Smile.” Every time I hear his voice, my heart melts. Oh, and also come on ladies, how cute is he? I know, I’m gushing, but he really is the full package. Smart, Attractive, Sweet, and Talented.

Alright, I digress, but the point is his performance on The Voice tonight was one of the more memorable performances of the night.

He really worked the stage as he showcased beautifully intricate runs and nailed the falsetto portion he embedded within the song.

Although Cee-lo believed that this was not Duron’s best performance, he applauded Duron for being a “ well rounded guy” and one of his favorites in the competition.

Adam commended Duron, saying how he has a lot to be proud of, praising him for giving up security to chase his dream.

Blake once again emphasized how Duron has a star quality to him, while Christina declared: “you killed it, you totally revamped that song, and made it so special.”

I know some of you may hate me for saying this, but I actually preferred Duron’s version of the song to Bieber’s.

Trevin Hunte once again gave another stellar performance of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All.”

His voice is simply mind-blowing.

Adam complimented Hunte, stating: “I really hope when I die and hopefully go to heaven, this would be heaven. You can sing anything you want, it really doesn’t matter. We all love you and what you do. What an excellent job from an incredible talent.”

Blake agreed, calling Hunte an amazing singer and presumably the guy to beat in the competition.

Christina highlighted once again what wonderful job Hunte did. She emphasized how Hunte is a vocalist who could do it all.

She concluded your vocal ability is a “monster beast, an obvious Gift from God.”

I have to end by giving major props to both Melanie Martinez and Nicholas David for also giving brilliant performances.

Who was your favorite performer on last night’s The Voice? Leave your comments below!

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