The Voice: Final Battle Round – A Hard Hitting Song-Fest

The Voice: Final Battle Round – A Hard Hitting Song-Fest

NBC’s Season 3 of The Voice entered its final round of battles tonight.

There were some pretty fierce battles this episode.

A particularly notable one included pop singers Adriana Louise and Jordan Pruitt, battling it out to Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold.”

Both had great stage presence and strong vocals, but in the end Christina ended up choosing Louise.

Another stand-out performance, which Adam likened to a “musical pillow fight” was Blake’s team’s battle between country singer Kelly Crapa and rock singer Michaela Paige.

Both offered their own special spin on Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself For Loving You,” but Blake decided to choose Paige.

Amongst the slew of outstanding performances, there was one battle that made all the other ones look amateurish.

Cee-lo’s Team: Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne, battling it out to David Guetta’s “Titanium”

Wow. This battle has introduced us to two new incredible superstars.

Dancer turned singer Avery Wilson and Lady Gaga’s back-up singer both owned the stage as they each put their heart and soul into this battle.

Wilson’s voice is absolutely mind-blowing. His voice is angelic in form as it perfectly fits into the R&B soul genre of music. His voice is very reminiscent to Usher and Ne-Yo, yet he introduces a very unique rasp. The dance moves he incorporated into his performance were very slick and perfectly matched the song. Chevonne showcased her powerful vocal range hitting every note both high and low.

Christina particularly praised Chevonne for her “amazing dynamic stage presence.” Her fierce energy on stage was incredibly engaging. You could tell she picked up a lot of her charisma and complete ownership of the stage from working with Lady Gaga.

Cee-lo ultimately ended up choosing Wilson. However, Christina used her “steal” and Chevonne is now on Team Christina!

Which was your favorite battle of the night?

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