The Voice Final Night Of Battle Rounds: Recap of Performances

The Voice Final Night Of Battle Rounds: Recap of Performances

It’s the final night of Battle Rounds on tonight’s episode of NBC’s Season 6 of The Voice.

Once again, the coaches have recruited advisers to help the contestants during rehearsals. Team Adam’s adviser is Aloe Blacc, while Team Usher’s adviser is Jill Scott. Team Blake’s adviser is The Band Perry, while Miranda Lambert joins Team Shakira.

Now, let’s get right into a recap of tonight’s battle round performances!

Team Adam’s Cary Lane vs. Sam Behymer perform “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran

Cary and Sam come from two different diverse musical styles, but really came together and gave a great battle round performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love.” While Cary added a country twang to the song, Sam sprinkled the song with her Indie Folk type tone.

Blake says that both did a really good job in capturing the mood of the song. Since they are such different artists, he says that he doesn’t know how you can pick from either artist.

Usher believes that it really comes down to a matter of taste in picking the winner of the battle. He says that both contestants have really unique voices and can both place well in this competition.

Shakira says that Cary gave a solid performance and Sam added a unique twist to the song.

Coach Adam says that when you strip both contestants down, he believes that they actually have a striking similarity in tone.

Adam continues to say that both are on equal ground in terms of the performance they gave, but he chooses the one who spoke to him more, which ends up being Sam!

Team Blake’s Kaleigh Glanton vs. Noah Lis performs Michael Buble’s “Everything”

The song choice for this performance was clearly right up Noah’s alley, as he is the resident crooner of Season 6. Nevertheless, Kaleigh’s unique pop tone added a special spin to the song that was quite enjoyable to hear!

Usher says that Noah’s performance started off a little too “loungey,” but he eventually pulled it around and showed his strong upper register. He continues to say that Kaleigh has a unique tone, but he would give the win to Noah.

Adam says that both are great singers and it was pretty evenly matched, but he would choose Kaleigh.

Blake says that Kaleigh did a good job of picking her moments and was happy that Noah listened to his notes and dialed his voice down.

Ultimately, Blake chooses Kaleigh as the winner!

Team Shakira’s Cierra Mickens vs. Emily B perform Sarah Bareilles’ “Brave”

The final battle of the night was definitely one of the most fun to watch. Cierra showcased her captivating and powerful voice, while Emily did a better job of singing with immense conviction.

Adam commends both contestants, since this is not the easiest song to sing. He says that even though there was some issues in staying in the pocket, by the end of the song everything was spot on. Adam says he would pick Cierra as the winner.

Blake agrees that this song is a tall order, but he believes that Emily hit a strong power note so he would give it to Emily.

Usher thought it was a great performance by both artists, while Shakira praised Emily for her determination and Cierra for her rounded and deep voice.

Shakira ends up choosing Emily as the winner! Moments later, Usher uses his last steal to add Cierra to his team!

So, that does it for our recap of tonight’s battle round performances. Don’t forget that you can purchase all of tonight’s performances on iTunes right now!

Next Monday will be a newly added Battle Round with guest mentor Chris Martin from Coldplay!

Until then, who was your favorite battle round performance tonight? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

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