The Voice Final Night of Blind Auditions: Recap of Performances

The Voice Final Night of Blind Auditions: Recap of Performances

NBC’s Season 5 of The Voice has entered the final night of the Blind Auditions tonight! It has become pretty apparent that the level of talent is higher than ever before!!

Each of the Coaches Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera are hungry to win. Even Blake who has already won three times in a row is hungrier than ever to snag another victory!

Tonight the coaches will complete their teams of 12!

The question is who gave the best final auditions tonight? Let’s recap our favorite performances!

Matt Cermanski performs “Have a Little Faith In Me” by John Hiatt

Returning back to The Voice for the second time around, Matt Cermanski proved exactly why he deserved a spot on Season 5 of The Voice.

He delivered a great interpretation of John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me” as he showcased his diverse vocals range. He colored the song with a strong upper and lower register and even sprinkled in a freshly sweet falsetto.

Adam immediately turned around, followed by Blake and Cee Lo.

Cee Lo said, “I thought you did a great job. You sounded great.”

Adam stated: “I love that you’re back again. It shows your resilience. The amount of growth you have made from your two performances is so exponential. I think we belong together. I would love to have you on my team.”

Blake praised Matt for “playing around with the falsetto.” He further stated: “You were just having fun with it and all of it was good. When you have that much versatility in that amount of time that’s the kind of thing that wins a show like this.”

Ultimately, Matt chose Team Adam!

Tamara Chauniece performs “1+1” by Beyonce

With Gospel music as her foundation, Tamara exuded soul, grace and incredible vocal talent with her masterful interpretation of Beyonce’s “1+1.”

She showcased her crazy vocal range with so much vocal power, yet still maintained perfect control as she incorporated a beautiful pocket of runs within the song.

Christina immediately turned her chair followed by Cee Lo moments later.

Adam said, “ You have a beautiful voice great great job!”

Cee Lo exclaimed, “It was gorgeous, it was everything it needed to be –not too much of anything.”

Christina remarked, “I loved it! You touched my heart. I loved what you did, you seem like a very strong woman, I would love to work with you.”

In the end, Tamara chose Cee Lo!

Brandon Chase performs “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

We absolutely adored Brandon’s rendition of Hunter Hayes’ “Wanted.” He did a great job of making the song his own as he proved himself to be a vocally accomplished pop country artist. Oh, and gosh he’s so darn cute too!

Blake and Cee Lo turned their chairs in hopes of snagging the artist.

Cee Lo said, “I can offer you advice, song, dance, flair and fabulousness.”

Blake stated: “When I heard your voice, I heard the real deal. It’s in your blood.”

Brandon ultimately chose to joint Team Blake!

Grey performs “Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson

This pop artist with a bit of country flair performed a great cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Catch My Breath.”

It’s always a risk covering a Clarkson song as her songs are filled with challenging vocal acrobatics. However, Grey rose to the occasion and delivered with powerful vocals, hitting every note with such ease.

Blake said, “My heart’s pounding right now, I believe in you already.”

Cee Lo stated: “Your voice was very matter of fact. It was plain, simple, polite, friendly, accommodating. It was just enough of everything. I think your voice is perfect.”

Christina remarked, “The cool thing about you is as the song kept going on you kept getting better.”

Adam said, “I think you are extraordinary I really do.”

Grey ends up choosing Team Adam, which completes his team!

Michael Lynch performs “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias

This pop with a Latin fusion singer gave a stellar performance of Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailamos.” He hit every note perfectly as he colored the song with some incredible rifts and runs. This performance was by far one of the most entertaining performances of the night!

Christina turned around first while dancing in her seat followed by Blake and Cee Lo moments later.

Blake said, “Your pitch is so amazing. That was so rhythmic and so much fun. I think you got a lot of talent and I’m a fan.”

Christina stated: “I love hearing when something starts really simple. I heard a Michael Jackson kinda tone to your voice.” Wow big compliment from Christina!

Ultimately, Michael Chose Team Christina, which completed her team!

Soon after Michael chose Team Christina, a special moment erupted as Christina joined Michael on stage and started to sing with her new team member!

We love when Christina is so passionate about an artist to the point where she has to go on stage and perform with them! Of course she sounded AMAZING with her new Latin inspired superstar!

Who was your favorite audition tonight?! We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

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Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

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