The Voice Round 2 Battles: Who Got Four Coach Standing Ovation?

The Voice Round 2 Battles: Who Got Four Coach Standing Ovation?

It’s Round 2 of The Battle Rounds on tonight’s episode of NBC’s Season 6 of The Voice.

For the first time in the history of The Voice, a round 2 of battles has been introduced with Chris Martin as the adviser for Team Blake, Adam, Shakira and Usher.

Last night marked the historic debut as Delvin Choice and Josh Kaufman’s battle performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Signed Sealed Delivered” was definitely one of the best of the night!

Tonight, there was one battle that got a standing ovation by all four of the coaches. Let’s dig deeper into the battle of the night!

Team Blake’s Biff Gore vs. Sisaundra Lewis It’s A Man’s Man’s World by James Brown

This is the battle of two of the best R&B/soul singers in the competition.

There is no denying that Sisaundra is one of the most powerful vocalists to ever grace The Voice stage. Her vocal range is absolutely mind-blowing. She did such an amazing job of performing the song with the perfect attitude necessary to bring the lyrics to life.

Biff definitely entertained as he added his own special soulful flavor to the song, but Sisaudra is just on another level.

Usher says that having performed the song before, he understands how difficult it is to pull off this song.

He commends Sisaundra for the high note she hit at the end, and tells Biff he has noticed a major improvement from his last performance. Because Biff was formerly on Team Usher, Usher says that he would go with Biff.

Shakira says that Biff’s voice is timeless, real and authentic and that Sissaundra’s register is sick.

Adam says to Sisaundra, “I’m sure that you’re not from planet earth. The commitment you have, you can tell it’s authentic. He also praises Biff for having the ability to feel the song.

Blake says that that this battle has solidified why The Voice is the best singing competition.

Ultimately, Blake chose Sissaundra as the winner!

While our minds are still blown after this epic battle, don’t forget that all battle performances are available on iTunes right now.

Who was your favorite battle performance of the night? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

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