The battle rounds continue tonight on NBC’s Season 7 of The Voice as twelve more artists fight for a spot on their coach’s team.

Each team has superstar advisers who are helping the contestants prepare for the battle rounds. Team Adam enlists the guidance of Stevie Nicks, while Team Pharrell is joined by Alicia Keys. Team Blake has the help of Little Big Town, while Team Gwen is assisted by Gavin Rossdale.

Let’s get right into recapping tonight’s battle round performances!

Team Pharrell’s Jordy Searcy vs. Taylor Phelan perform “Breakeven” by The Script

Indie Rock artist Taylor Pheland and Pop artist Jordy Searcy gave a stellar battle performance of The Script’s “Breakeven.” Although Taylor showcased a stronger full voice, Jordy executed his falsetto with more precision. Both did such a fantastic job of singing with so much heart and conviction.

Gwen says, “That was class. You both are so real. I got so lost in what you were doing that I wasn’t judging.”

Adam says that there were certain parts in the chorus that Jordy did so well, but says Taylor stole the edge with his stage presence.

Blake says that Jordy sings out a bit more, but there is something about the way Taylor attacks that song that tips him over the scale.

Coach Pharrell says that both contestants have improved incredibly. He says, “Taylor you did a great job, but so did Jordy.”

Pharrell ends up choosing Taylor as the winner of the battle. He explains that he saw the ambition that Taylor sings with and that communicates well to the audience.

Team Adam’s Alessandra Castronovo vs. Joe Kirk perform Rihanna’s “Stay”

Both Alessandra and Joe gave an emotional performance of Rihanna’s “Stay.” Alessandra showcased the beauty and power behind her voice, while Joe revealed his tender and pitch perfect tone.

Blake says to Alessandra that he doesn’t know what she could have done better, but says that what Joe just did may have been one of the most perfect vocals he has ever heard.

Pharrell says that Joe for sure has a career in the music industry and that Alessandra was just purring through the stage and has diva like attributes.

Gwen says she was moved and that she likes how each of the contestants held back enough and did not try to impress with too much too quick. She also says she was really inspired by their performance.

Adam says to Joe, “You came out here and you were confident. You had so much grace and precision and that is a sign of a very hard worker and a talented kid.”

He says that Alessandra sang with such ease and that what she is doing is surreal.

Adam ends up picking Alessandra.

Gwen Stefani’s Menlik Zergabachew’s vs. Troy Richie perform “Man Eater” by Hall & Oates

Both Menlik and Troy gave an engaging performance of Hall & Oates’ “Man Eater.”

Menlik did an awesome job of infusing a reggae twist to the song, while Troy proved his vocal chops with his one of a kind tone.

Gwen, Pharrell and Blake gave standing ovations for this battle round performance.

Adam says, “It is very hard to look cool when you’re singing that song, but you guys made it great. Menlik, you sounded more self-assured and Troy I think I was asleep during your blind audition. Both of you have made the biggest leap out of any artist on the show.”

Blake says, “This has been the best battle of the day as far as I’m concerned.”

Pharrell says to Troy, “I didn’t realize you were as good as you are.” He then says to Menlik, “Ethiopia is so proud of you. You just shined.”

Gwen says that she is so in love with Troy’s voice and that Menlik is everything she loves. She specifically remarks, “Menlik, you are my Reggae boy. Your personality shined. You really let loose.”

Gwen chooses Troy as the winner of the battle. However, seconds later, both Pharrell and Adam push their buttons to steal Menlik.

Adam says, “You have a serious voice that needs to be heard. You had so many compelling moments that I want to know more things that you want to accomplish. I think we can do a lot of great things together.”

Pharrell says, “I love to work with artists who don’t sound the way they look. I would love to have you on my team.”

Ultimately, Menlik ends up choosing to join Team Pharrell!

Well, that does it for our recap! Who was your favorite battle round performance? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below! Don’t forget that you can purchase each of tonight’s battle round performances via iTunes.

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC