It’s the final night of blind auditions on NBC’s Season 7 of The Voice. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell each have two spots left on their teams.

As the competition grows fiercer, let’s recap some of our favorite final blind audition performances of the night.

Matt McAndrew performs “A Thousands Years”

Matt gave such a beautiful performance of “A Thousand Years.” His voice was so refreshing and tender as he showcased his signature vocal range. He did a great job of creating his own special rendition of the song.

Everyone turned their chairs except for Gwen.

Adam describes Matt’s voice as different. He says, “I was really moved by what you did. You sound like an accomplished unique artist up there. There is something about you that is so spectacular.”

Blake says, “Your voice is interesting. Even when your voice is soft, it’s still intense.”

Pharrell says Matt’s full voice goes to another place and that if he chooses to be on his team he will be the subject of the painting.

Matt picks Adam!

Brittany Butler performs “Girl From Inpanema”

Jazz Soul singer Brittany Butler gave an effortless performance of “Girl From Inpanema.” She sang with such ease and confidence as she perfectly showcased her impressive scatting ability.

Gwen turns first, followed by Pharrell.

Gwen says, “That was so good. There is a whole package going on. We can do some really fun stuff together.”

Pharrell says, “You sang so effortlessly. You embrace an incredible jazzy tune. That uniqueness would lend itself in your favor.”

Britany ends up picking Pharrell!

Beth Spangler performs “Best Thing I Never Had”

30-year-old Beth Spangler took a risk choosing to perform Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had.” However, the risk paid off as she got a four-chair turn around for her performance! What was so great about her performance was that she did not try to imitate Beyonce’s rendition, but rather did a fantastic job of revealing her vibrantly soulful pop tone.

Adam and Blake turned their chairs followed by last minute turns by Pharrell and Gwen.

Pharrell says Beth effortlessly melds influences. He says that he has a lot of soul singers on his team, but he doesn’t have Beth and needs her on his team.

Adam says, “You don’t immediately feel like this person wants to fit into one genre. We can make you the absolute version of yourself. I want to dig in.”

Gwen says, “That was so beautiful. Your range is crazy. We can do some really fun stuff together.”

Blake says,“I fell in love with your voice instantly. The same light that shines out of you comes through your voice.”

Beth ends up picking Adam, which ultimately locks in Adam’s diverse team of twelve.

Mayra Alvarez performs “Human Nature”

Myra gave a marvelous performance of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.” She revealed her colorful vocal ability as she intermixed between her sweet and soft tone to her belting powerful higher register.

Both Blake and Gwen turned their chairs.

Gwen says, “I get really nervous when people take liberties on melodies. You are such a beautiful singer. You have so much range and your voice is light and fluffy. I can learn a lot from you and we can do a lot of fun stuff together.”

Blake says that he believes he can take Mayra one-step higher up than her fellow hometown season 6 runner-up Jake Worthington.

Blake adds that all his team members become family members as to which Gwen responds, “He is looking for family members and I am looking for stars.”

Mayra ends up picking Gwen!

Well, that does it for our recap! Who was your favorite performance of the night? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below! Don’t forget that you can purchase all of tonight’s blind auditions via iTunes.

 Photo Credit: Tyler Golden