The Voice Season 8 Blind Auditions Cont’d: Who Got A Four Chair Turn?

It’s another round of The Blind Auditions tonight on NBC’s Season 8 of The Voice. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell Williams continue to search for talented artists to join their teams.

Who impressed the coaches tonight? Who got a four chair turn? Let’s recap some of our favorite blind auditions.

Travis Ewing performs “Say My Name”

The most exciting aspects of The Voice is when artists take well-known songs, change up the arrangement and add their own unique spin. This is exactly what Travis did. His rendition proved his true artistic ability. His voice had a sultry vibe to it with hints of a raspy tone.

Christina says, “I heard the silkiness and the texture of your voice. It had a charm.”

She says she can tell Travis is an artist who thinks outside the box and would love to support him as a coach.

Blake says, “I feel a little bit out of my league, but I have a lot of success on this show with people who artistically are nothing like me. As a coach, I will help shine the spotlight on you.”

Pharrell says, “You were so in the pocket and I felt like this is something. I was last to turn, but I was listening. If your heart points in this direction, I would love to assist you with your vision.”

Travis picks Team Pharrell!

Sonic performs “Money on my Mind”

Sonic gave a soulful performance of “Money on My Mind.” Although she had minor cracks, she still pulled through and hit some crazy notes that blew us away. There is no doubt she has an impeccable range and an overall engaging presence on stage.

Both Christina and Adam turned their chairs. Christina even ended up giving her a standing ovation.

Christina says, “Going from top to bottom (with your notes) is really hard to do. You took on a huge challenge and I immediately connected with it. Let’s do this.”

Adam commends Sonic for her “controlled and legit” performance. He says, “It fell apart a bit, but you put it back together.”

Sonic ends up picking Team Christina!

India Carney performs “New York State of Mind”

The performance of the night goes to twenty-one-year-old UCLA music student India Carney. This girl is a powerhouse vocalist. She embellished the song with flawless runs and hit some insane high notes. The most amazing part about her performance was her effortless ability to take a classic song and create her own memorable edge.

India received a four-chair turn for her performance and received a standing ovation by all the coaches.

Christina says, “I need you on my team. I was the first one to push. I think I had a connection with you. You’ve been the answer to my prayers. That jazz ad lib, I was so impressed. You are a vocal beast.”

Blake says, “When you started singing, I fell in love with your voice, I believe in you 300%.”

Pharrell says, “Congrats for making it on the show. I would love to have a voice like that on my team. There’s a possibility you might get stolen and if you don’t get stolen you’re just that good.”

Adam says, “We both love Billy Joel so there’s that. My team is so close to being full, but you were so good that I had to press my button. You are going to the end of this thing and I know what to do with you. You will never be available to be stolen.”

India ends up picking Team Christina!

Well, that does it for our recap! Who was your favorite blind audition of the night? We want to know! Be sure to leave your thoughts below!

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