It’s the Season 8 premiere of NBC’s The Voice as night one of the blind auditions begin. Resident coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera are back, along with the new addition of Season 7 coach Pharrell.

Who impressed the coaches tonight? Well, let’s recap some of the best blind auditions of the night!

Rob Taylor performs “I Want You”
Twenty-two year old Rob Taylor performed a commanding rendition of “I Want You.” He showcased his incredible vocal range, juxtaposing between his deep lower register and out of this world falsetto.

Christina, Adam, and Pharrell all turned their chairs for Rob.

Christina says, “Come home. Team Christina all the way. I have to have you. I have one star player and that’s you. You have such an inspiring voice. I want to be part of your family.”

Adam commends Rob for his falsetto, stating: “That was a bold move. I have a high voice and that was really high.”

Pharrell says,“You did deserve four chairs to turn for you. Let’s keep winning together.”

Rob ends up choosing Team Christina!

Treeva Gibson performs “Young And Beautiful”
Sixteen-year-old Treeva Gibson gave one of the most hauntingly beautiful performances of the night. She revealed her angelic voice with immense passion and control.

Her performance was spellbinding. It was chilling. It was ethereal. Her voice has this freshly blossomed tone that is perfect for executing this song. Simply said, she nailed it.

Christina and Blake turned their chairs.

Christina says, “I was so captivated. You have smooth textures to your voice. It started small and sincere sounding and it just grew. At 16, you sound so polished.”

Blake says, “Your voice drapes over the band. You are born to sing that way.”

Treeva chooses Team Christina!

Meghan Linsey performs “Love Hurts”

Country turned soul singer Meghan Linsey gave a stellar performance of “Love Hurts.”

She took her time with the song, delivering every lyric with such ease, yet with so much power. She showed the raspy quality to her voice and picked special times to create vocal acrobatic moments.

Pharrell, Adam, and Christina turned their chairs.

Christina says,“You were just giving. You are the definition of The Voice. I am Team Meghan. Forget about Team Xtina. I believe in you.”

Pharrell says, “I sensed your soul Joplin attitude. I would love to garnish you with song selection cause you’re the main course here. I love to work with that ambition.”

Adam says,”The best singers are the ones who have raw passion and control and that’s what you have.”

Meghan ends up picking Team Pharrell!

Sawyer Fredricks “I’m a Man in Constant Sorrow”
The performance of the night has to go to fifteen-year-old Sawyer Fredricks. Sawyer’s blind audition proved that he is a force to be reckoned with as a fiercely talented artist. He sang with dynamic control, crescendoing in and out of notes, while strumming his guitar.

Sawyer got an instant 3 chair turn from Pharrell, Adam, and Christina. Blake was the last to turn around. He also got a standing ovation by all four judges.

Adam says, “I promise you aren’t going anywhere until you’re the last one standing on this show.”

Christina says, “You are a legend in your own right. I will promise you I won’t let you down.”

Blake says, “It sounded like you were singing in an old vintage microphone. I think you’re awesome.”

Pharrell says, “As soon as you started singing, it took me to another time. Even if you don’t pick me, I feel lucky to be on this show and get to watch this amazing thing happen.”

Well, that does it for our recap! Who was your favorite blind audition of the night? We want to know! Be sure to leave your thoughts below!