The Voice Season 8 Night 2 Best Blind Auditions Recap

It’s Night 2 of the Blind Auditions on NBC’s Season 8 of The Voice. This season’s talent is off the charts as coaches Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams search for artists to join their teams.

Who gave some of the best blind auditions of the night? Well let’s recap our favorites.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon performs “Happy”

Tonya gave an outstanding performance of Pharrell’s “Happy.” She did a brilliant job of adding powerful vocal moments to the song. She really put her own stamp on the song as she showcased her incredible range. She spiced up the song by adding uplifting runs and closed out the song with immense vocal strength.

Adam instantly turned, followed by Chiristina and Pharrell.

Christina says, “ You were so much fun to listen to. You have a really low tone to your voice. You are so versatile. You are awesome. I’m ready.”

Pharrell says, “You started taking chances and those are the people I want to work with. That run at the end was beautiful. It would be awesome to work together.”

Adam says, “I pushed my button fifty-eight seconds before anyone else did. It makes no sense to go with me, which is exactly why you should.”

Tonya ends up picking Team Adam!

Blaze Johnson performs “How To Save A Life”
Twenty-three-year-old Blaze Johnson gave a masterful performance of The Fray’s “How To Save A Life.” The unique quality to his voice shined throughout the entirety of his performance. He revealed his colorful vocal range as he embedded the song with powerful high notes.

Adam turned his chair pretty quickly, followed by Blake.

Blake praises Blaze for hitting those big notes and says, “I could tell you were giving it everything you got and I love that.”

Adam says, “You don’t fit the mold. You exist outside the box. I think you’re outstanding.”

Blaze picks Team Adam!

Deanna Johnson performs “All I Want”
Eighteen-year-old former blind audition contestant Deanna Johnson came back in hopes of winning over the coaches for a spot on one of their teams. Having no chairs turned for her on Season 5, Deanna received a four-chair turn around and clearly gave one of the best blind auditions of the night.

Her powerhouse vocals mixed with country flair and a Florence Henderson type of tone, created for a breathe-taking performance.

Adam says, “I am so overjoyed that somebody got turned down and came back and four chairs turned. There are definitely things you need to improve on, but it’s the people who are willing to listen that go the distance.”

Blake says, “There is nobody in the world to compare you to, coupled with vocal range and you’re not that hard to look at.”

Christina says, “You came out here like a rock star. You were really believable.”

Pharrell says that if he was on Season 5, he would have turned his chair for her.

Deanna picks Team Adam!

Well, that does it for our recap of the night 2 blind auditions. Who was your favorite of the night?! We want to know! Be sure to leave your thoughts below!

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