Tonight on NBC’s Season 6 of The Voice, top 3 contestants, Christina Grimmie,Jake Worthington and Josh Kaufman, perform three songs each. One song will be America’s favorite performance from the season, the other song will be a duet with the contestants’ coaches and the last song will be a new one decided by the contestants.

Let’s recap some of the best final performances!

Christina Grimmie performs “Wrecking Ball” for America’s pick

Although we were kinda hoping for America to pick Christina’s epic rendition of Drake’s “Just Hold On We’re Going Home,” Christina did a great job of singing her blind audition performance of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

She sang the song with so much heart and incredible power. She also did a fantastic job of hitting some amazing high notes throughout her performance.

Blake says, “I’m not surprised that that’s the song American picked for you to sing. You have the opportunity to hit those big notes. It was great.”

Usher says, “That song takes me back to the beginning when I was fighting to get you on my team. Though at times you found yourself in the bottom, at the same time you constantly stayed on top. It was another good performance.”

Shakira says, “Your upper register is just insane. You have the highest register in this competition. You knocked this song out of the park in the blinds and did no different this time around.”

Adam says, “You did it even better today than in the blinds.”

He continues to commend Christina for her transformation and says that he felt her performance transported him out of this show and into watching a performance at an incredible award show. He also says that he is bursting with pride for her.

Josh Kaufman performs “Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours” for America’s pick

Every time Josh hits The Voice stage, he performs with such effortlessness. He always sings with so much soul and tonight was no different.

Shakira says, “I think that you have a voice that has such charisma and is so dynamic and has so many facets. No one could ever get bored listening to you. You have been a jewel in this competition.”

Blake says, “Not only did you sing the crap out of that, you ad-libbed the crap out of that song.”

Usher says, “Josh is the new voice of The Voice.”

Christina Grimmie performs “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis

WOW! This was definitely a winning performance for Christina. We love how she created her own special spin to the song.

The acapella opening was absolutely breathtaking as she added beautiful runs to the song. Oh and that crazy high note she hit at the end of the song was perfection!

Adam gave a standing ovation for Christina’s performance.

Blake says, “I always admire your willingness to take chances and do something different. He says he thought it sounded great and liked the cool arrangement.

Usher says that Christina is an incredible vocalist and that to go after a song like that is really courageous.

Shakira says, “That was flawless. I was in complete awe. I think you push the envelope and put your own stamp on everything you do.”

Adam says that all the great choices she made were on her own. He says that this competition is hers and that he thinks she is going to win the show.

Well, that does it for our recap! Don’t forget you can purchase all of tonight’s performances via iTunes!

Who was your favorite performance of the night? Who do you think should be the Season 6 winner of The Voice! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden