The Voice Top 5 Result Show & Wild Card Performances Live Recap

Tonight on The Voice’s season 7 result show, three of the top 5 finalists will move on to next week’s finals. Once the results are revealed, the nine eliminated artists will perform and fight to be the wild card pick.

Host Carson Daly announces that the three finalists who were saved by America are…
1) Chris Jamison (Team Adam)
2) Craig Wade Boyd (Team Blake)
3) Matt McAndrew (Team Adam)

Taylor John Williams and Damien will join their fellow Top 12 artists for a chance to perform as a wildcard pick.

Here we go with the wild card performances.

Team Blake’s Reagan James performs “Put Your Records On”
Reagan once again reminded America of her unique tone with her performance.
Pharrell says, “That was magical. Melodies like that fit so well with your voice.”

Blake says he is still blown away that Regan is 16-years old. He says she has so much control and swagger that it blows his mind.

Team Blake’s Jessie Pitts performs “Zombies”
Jessies gave a hauntingly beautiful performance of “Zombies.”

Gwen commends Jessie for picking the right song that fits her voice.

Blake says, “Jessie is so important to music. She is an inventor and doesn’t sound like anybody else. Taylor Swift even said she is her favorite voice in the competition.”

Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill performs “Marry Me”

Ryan once again shows the sweetness and tender quality to his voice.

Adam says, “I always thought you deserved to be in this competition. You have such a beautiful voice. You’re amazing.”

Blake says, “Your voice always amazes me. You have such a naturally high voice. It was beautiful.”

Gwen says, “So good to hear your voice. I think you still have a chance. You have the most gorgeous voice.”

Anita Antoinette performs “Waiting On The World To Change”
Anita did an excellent job of making the song her own by adding her own reggae/jazzy twist to the song.

She received a standing ovation by all the coaches.

Adam says, “You know I love you and that jazz run that was crazy. This was your best by far.”

Gwen says, “You took this opportunity for yourself to lift, to give a message to the world. It was so selfless of you and so amazing.”

Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams performs “Wicked Games”
Taylor did a great job of putting his own mark on the song. He changed up the arrangement and put his own special spin.

Blake says,”You are always changing stuff up. You have a way of putting all your ideas into motion. As an artist, I got a lot of respect for you.”

Pharrell says, “You really really are an artist. I cannot wait to see what you make for your album.”

Gwen says, “This is an amazing opportunity for you and I think you are gonna do it. You connect with so many people.”

Team Adam’s Damien performs “Grenade”
Damien performed with so much passion and emotion as he showcased his gorgeously well-controlled voice.

Pharrell says, “That is like so intense. The amount of control you have is so scary. That is real soul singing.”

Adam says,”There’s one more spot in the Top 4 and it’s Damien’s. This guy deserves to be the fourth slot. That dude sings with so much passion and technicality.”

Team Pharrell’s Sugar Jones performs “Back to Black”
WOW! Sugar Jones meant business tonight. She gave an epic performance of “Back to Black.” She reminded us of her powerhouse vocals as she added beautiful runs and jazzy runs to the song.

Sugar received a standing ovation by all the coaches.

Gwen says, “When you are singing, that’s all you should be doing in life because it is so natural and perfect. I am so glad you chose that song because it shows the kind of record you would make.”

Blake says, “You just made it so much harder for everybody else. That was so good. It felt like the first time we ever heard her. That was as good as I’ve ever heard you.”

Pharrell says, “When your mouth opens there is a whole world of soul that comes out and you captivate everyone. I can’t wait for us to work together.”

Team Pharrell’s Luke Wade performs “Have A Little Faith In Me”
Luke did an amazing job of singing every single word of the song with so much strength and passion. The control and emphasis he had in his delivery of every lyric was beyond superb.

Adam says, “I am so happy because you are such an amazing singer and you dug so much deeper tonight.”

Blake says, “Every time you get on this stage, you do something really good. I’m so happy to see you getting back in control of the moment and not getting lost in it.”

Pharrell says, “I want America to vote him back. He has a very bright future and I’m gonna be apart of it.”

Team Pharrell’s Danica Shirey performs “Without You”
Danica closed out the show reminding us of her unbelievably powerful voice. She chose the perfect song to showcase her incredible vocals and delivered one of the most unforgettable vocals of the night.

Pharrell points to the audience and says, “Did you hear that sound…that’s the sound of America voting you back.”

So, that does it for all the wild card performances. The wildcard pick (fourth finalist) will be revealed tomorrow morning on The Today Show.

Don’t forget that you can purchase all of tonight’s performances via iTunes and vote for your favorite artist via The Voice app.

Who do you think America will choose as the wild card pick? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

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