The Voice Top 8 Perform: Will Champlin Steals The Show

The Voice Top 8 Perform: Will Champlin Steals The Show

The Top 8 performed tonight on NBC’s Season 5 of The Voice (2013). Who stole the show tonight? Well, let’s recap our favorite performances!

Team Adam’s James Wolpert performs “Somebody To Love” by Queen
James gave a vocally strong performance of Queen’s “Somebody To Love.”
He commanded the stage with such ease and effortless as he hit every note to utter perfection.

As James received a standing ovation by his coach, Adam stated: “You could sing in Queen. That was such an unbelievably impressive performance. It was powerful, potent, and dynamic. You owned this entire place. I was blown away during rehearsals, but this was 50 times more amazing.”

Blake says, “It was incredible. It was dynamic. It was dramatic, solid and maybe the best I’ve heard you sing so far.”

Christina says, “You should feel so proud, that was really special and I felt like I was watching a Broadway show.”

Cee Lo proclaims, “You did such a wonderful job. It was utterly impressive. Your timing was impeccable and razor sharp. It was one of the best performances on the history of The Voice.”

Team Adam’s Tessanne Chin “Underneath It All” by No Doubt
This performance really allowed Tessanne to showcase the reggae feel to her voice and pay homage to her roots. Was it as vocally powerful as her past performances? Not so much, but we loved seeing this new side to her colorful voice.

Once again, Adam gave a standing ovation for the performance as he stated: “This was just an amazing moment for you. It was so tailor made for you. This is the most well rounded song you could sing and I’m so proud of you.”

Cee Lo says, “I know the rugged landscape from where you come from and you are the immense beauty born out of that place.”

Christina remarks, “I finally heard something I was searching for. For the first time you broke it down. I wanted to get who you were beneath the surface and you really tapped into your truth and roots.”

Team Cee Lo’s Caroline Pennell performs Florence & The Machine “Dog Days Are Over”
The was a great song choice for Caroline. The quirkiness and heavenly pure quality of her voice well suited the song. Although there were minor breathe control issues and the vocals could have been a tad tighter, we did enjoy the performance overall.

Cee Lo says, “I’m very proud of you. For the young performer that you are, you perform with such poise.” Cee Lo goes on reading a heartfelt letter he wrote for Caroline, basically declaring his love and devotion for sweet Caroline.

Adam describes the song choice as very bold and exciting and says that Caroline covered the song very well.

Team Christina’s Matthew Schuler “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons
We absolutely adore Matthew and we definitely think he is the one to beat in the competition. This performance did a good job in showing us the Alternative/Indie vibe Matthew fits right into.

Again though, was this performance as epic as his performance of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah?” Not really, but we still loved it and he certainly “Schulerized” the song.

Christina says, “You come from a place of integrity and it’s really important to you that you perform what really connects to you and what you really feel. You just wanted to speak your truth and say I’m me at the end of the day. You always comes out with this presence and urgency.”

Cee Lo says, “The sentiment of a song I too support, believe and practice. Continue being yourself and know you’re doing a damn good job at it.”

Will Champlin performs “At Last” by Etta James
We don’t know about you guys out there or the coaches, but to us this was beyond a shadow of a doubt the best performance of the night and one of the best performances in the history of The Voice.

We were surprised Coach Adam didn’t give him a standing ovation. He was definitely on another level compared to the rest of the contestants tonight. We gotta say, for us, he stole the show tonight.

Will performed such a beautiful rendition of a timeless and classic song. He sang with such soul and passion. He blew us away hitting some crazy high notes throughout the song. It was such a moving and magical moment for Will.

Adam commends Will for his ambition, while telling Will he did a wonderful job.

Christina says, “I have to say you did a very very great job — A tremendous job. I was so happy about this performance because it sounded like you took everything in and sang your heart out. I always loved you. It was cool hearing a dude sing this song.”

Team Christina’s Jacquie Lee performs “Who’s Loving You” by Jackson Five
This youngster with powerful pipes really delivered tonight with her performance of “Who’s Loving You.” When she opened the song, for a moment, we heard a bit of Christina in her voice! She sang the song with the perfect attitude and spunk needed to deliver the lyrics effectively. We loved the runs and raspy quality she added to the song too!

Christina says, “I love you so much. There is a reason why you have a lot of soul in your voice. You really did it and then some. I know you have heart and you threw it up there on the stage tonight.”

Adam says, “Professing all this heartbreak at such a young age and to be able to convey that you have to pour it all out. It’s a testament to your conviction.”

Blake says, “That was full of energy and dynamics. It was powerful. You did a good job.”

Cee Lo emphasizes on the incredible soulfulness in Jacquie’s voice as he states: “It’s like you swallowed an old lady or something.” Haha, we couldn’t agree more with Cee Lo!

Well, that’s a rap! Who was your favorite performance of the night?! We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden

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