Tonight on NBC’s Season 6 of The Voice, The Top 8 contestants perform in hopes of making it into next week’s semi-finals.

 Both Team Adam and Team Blake have all three of their contestants left in the competition, while Team Usher and Team Shakira each have only one artist left!

Tonight it  became pretty clear that Team Adam Stole The Night with all three of his contestants giving the best performances of the night! Let’s dig deeper into each of their performances!   

 Team Adam’s Kat Perkins performs “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell

After being in the bottom three last week, Kat Perkins rocked out tonight with her own special spin on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” The Rock/Heavy Metal inspired rendition really showcased Kat’s incredible vocals and creativity.

 We think people will either hate or love Kat’s rock arrangement of the funk tune, but we give it two thumbs up.  

 Usher calls the performance incredible, while Shakira says, “That had to be fun. The cool thing is that you know who you are and you obey that inner voice that you have. You are true to yourself and that was great.”

 Adam says, “We knew we had to go big. This was all Kat. All I did was facilitate it. Vote for this girl, she is incredible. This was one of the most unique performances on The Voice.”

 Team Adam’s Delvin Choice performs “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly

 Ok, WOW! This was definitely a magical performance by Delvin Choice. It was an excellent song choice that perfectly fit his angelic voice. We loved how Delvin sang with so much power and emotion as he showcased his beautiful vibrato.

 Blake says, “That was as good as it gets. That was powerful and a perfect song choice. The emotion came through.”

 Usher says, “Every week you show up and give an incredible performance. Thank you for that.”

 Adam says, “There is not a better song for you to do at this moment. No matter what happens, I don’t even care, we all know you deserve to be in this thing till the end.”

 Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie performs Lil Wayne’s “How To Love”

 Last Week Christina created a memorable moment when she sang her own rendition of Drake’s “Just Hold On We’re Coming Home.”

 Tonight, she created another special moment for herself as she sang her own twist of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love.”

 We adore the fact that Christina takes songs and makes it her own. There is nobody on The Voice right now who accomplishes this as successfully as Christina.

 Although we have to admit that this performance did not top last week’s, it still was a great performance that once again revealed Christina’s amazing vocal ability and artistic talent.

 Blake says, “You look and sound like a superstar.”

 Usher says, “There is no doubt that you have an incredible voice, that was definitely great performance.”

 Shakira says, “That was something huge. Flipping the arrangement and making it your own shows so much artistry. Your voice is insane. Your high register is so out of this world.”

 Adam says, “Thank you Christina for trusting me. You have this ability to take someone’s song and really make it your own. There is no other version of that song. They have to download your version to hear it. You created a new thing.”

 Well, that does it for our recap! Don’t forget that you can download all of tonight’s performances on iTunes right now!

Who was your favorite performance of the night?! We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC