The Voice’s Season 5 Battle Rounds Begin: Recap of Performances

The Voice’s Season 5 Battle Rounds Begin: Recap of Performances

The Battle Rounds are finally here tonight on NBC’s Season 5 of The Voice.

In preparation for the battle round, each of the coaches are joined by guest mentors.

Adam Levine’s Team is joined by guest mentor Ryan Tedder, while Blake Shelton’s guest mentor is Cher. Cee Lo Green’s team is joined by Miguel and Christina Aguilera’s guest mentor is Ed Sheeran.

Let’s recap the first night of the Battle Rounds!

Team Adam’s Grey vs. Nick Hawk performing “Domino” by Jessie J

What a great start to the battle rounds! Grey offered a stellar vocal, while Nick gave an original and fresh spin to the song.

Blake describes the performance as entertaining. He states: “The value of somebody like Nick in this process, it’s just impossible not to get wrapped up with that.”

Christina praises Nick for his energy level and tells Grey she did a really great job. She states: “Grey you stayed really steady and had consist vocals and for that I’d choose Grey.”

Cee Lo compliments Grey on her beauty and says he believes she definitely deserves to be here, but says he is partial to what Nick is bringing to the stage.

Adam tells Grey, “The effortless way you sing is still untapped. He then comments on Nick’s infectious personality and energy.

Adam ends up choosing Grey! However, soon after, Blake calls Adam an idiot for getting rid of Nick and steals Nick! Smart play by Team Blake! We are so happy to have Nick stay in the competition!

Team Christina’s Amber Nicole vs. Timyra-Joi perform Beyonce’s “Listen”

Wow, this was an excellent battle by both contestants! Both sang their heads off with their powerful vocals! We loved how they each seemed so emotionally connected to the song.

Their performance even brought Christina to tears!

Cee Lo said, “It’s unbelievable what a wonderful performance you both gave.” Cee Lo says that if he had to choose he would give it to Timyra-Joi.

Adam describes Timyra’s Joi’s voice as a lot taller than she is. He commends Amber for her “real crisp vocal” as he calls this a “real legit battle.”

Blake says, “That’s a win right there making your coach cry,” while Christina says she is so proud of both girls, while praising them for laying their hearts out in the song.

Christina ends up choosing Amber! We were pretty shocked that no one chose to steal Timyra!

Team Blake’s Justin Chain vs. Shelbie Z perform Jason Aldean ft. Kelly Clarkson’s “Don’t You Want To Stay”

Shelbie Z proved tonight she is a powerhouse country artist with unbelievable range. Justin also proved to be a great country vocalist, but we felt that Shelbie overpowered him.

Christina said, “You would be a great duet pairing, but in my opinion I did love Shelbie Z.”

Cee Lo also says the performance was really great and beautiful, but he would pick Shlebie over Justin.

Adam agrees with Christina and says the two country artists were such a great unit, but that there was a moment where there was a pitch problem with Shelbie, so he has to go with Justin.

Blake says that he has performed this song with Kelly Clarkson and Justin sang the song better than himself and Shelbie sang it as good as Kelly.

Blake ultimately declares Shelbie Z. the winner!

Team Cee Lo’s Anthony Paul vs. Caroline Pennell performing Justin Bieber’s “ As Long As You Love Me”

We absolutely adored this battle round performance! Caroline did such a great job of making the song her own with her matchless quirky tone. Even during rehearsals, Miguel said that “the character in Caroline’s voice brings heightened meaning behind the words.” We couldn’t agree more with that statement!

This song was of course perfectly suited for Anthony’s R&B/soul voice. He really did a good job in sprinkling in runs and captivated us with his falsetto.

Adam said, “You both killed it first of all. Your pitch was incredible. The feeling and emotion was amazing.” He commended Caroline for creating a popular version of the song and said he would choose Caroline because she brought us into her “own interesting world.”

We totally agree with Adam, we would download Caroline’s rendition of this song in a heart beat!

Blake said both artists were really good at what they do, but he says that Anthony showed so much versatility so he would pick him!

Christina says, “That was my favorite battle from the whole day. I felt the heart and the groove of it felt good.”

She continued, “Anthony knew when to pull back. The loud and the soft spots were on point.” She says that they both brought their own thing and that she was very impressed.

Cee Lo says he is very proud of both and agrees with Christina that it was the best battle so far tonight.

He expresses, Anthony’s voice is “so efficient and unreal, but still affectionate, while Caroline’s voice is something so surreal. It encourage me to dream with my eyes open.”

Aw, so beautifully said by Cee Lo!

Cee Lo says that this is an uncomfortable moment for him, but he wants to win this show this season, so that being said, he declares Caroline the winner of this battle!

Christina ends up stealing Anthony, as she praises his vocal control and the beautiful way he restrained his power!

Team Adam’s Donna Allen vs. Tessanne Chin perform Emeli Sande’s “Next To Me”

WOW! This battle was the battle of the powerhouse vocalists. Both of them equally offered incredibly strong vocals. Both Donna and Tessanne each had their own specials moments throughout the song, so this one is really a toss up. We loved them both!

Blake says to Donna, “It was epic, to have that kind of range and that raspy sound, while he commends Tessanne for little tricks she does with her voice. He says that he wishes he had something to be critical about, but says he was really into Donna.

Christina said, “You took a simple song and made it a ‘I’m gonna bring it and win this battle.’”

Christina says that she didn’t know Tessanne had that range and that she really took it to another level. She then questions if Donna is Tina Turner! Haha, so true she does definitely sound like her!

Adam also says, “Donna, you really do sound like Tina, but not in the way where you are imitating her.” He says that Tessanne makes everything seem so effortless because she just sings with such ease.

In the end, Adam chooses Tessanne!

Team Christina’s Briana Cuoco vs Jacquie Lee perform The Animal’s “House Of The Rising Sun”
This was another mind-blowing battle round performance! Both girls displayed crazy vocal range. Jacquie has a very distinctly special vocal, but Briana did an amazing job with the way she delivered the lyrics. She also displayed great control and chose perfect spots within the song to showcase her vocal power.

Cee Lo says that both did an amazing job, while specifically commending Jacaquie’s “new youthful spin to a classic record.”

Blake says that Briana “brought every bit of power and persuasion to match the song,” so he prefers Briana.

Christina states: “Both girls won this battle to be honest. You both dug deep.”

Christina says she’s torn, but ends up choosing Jacquie, describing her as “a lion in a kitty cat’s body.”

Moments later, both Cee Lo and Blake are eager to steal Briana.

Cee Lo says he can hear the story in her voice and believes he can nurture it, while Blake too says he can tell that Briana is a songwriter and that he would love for her to join his team.

Ultimately, Briana Chose Blake!

Who was your favorite battle round performance? Did the coaches make the right choices?! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC

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