The Voice’s Top 12 Perform: Who Impressed & Who Disappointed?

The Voice’s Top 12 Perform: Who Impressed & Who Disappointed?

Tonight on Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice The Top 12 performed! There was a slew of stellar performances tonight!

Let’s dig deeper into each performance!

Vedo performs “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson

It’s always a risk when covering a Michael Jackson song. However, Vedo definitely put his own special twist to the song. His sexy dance moves paired with his undeniably sexy voice equals melting girls’ hearts. This dude has got swagger written all over!

Although, in parts, he had a few issues with breathe control, Vedo still managed to hit some incredibly big notes. Overall, it was a very entertaining performance from the charming Vedo.

Shakira says, “The work you did with your coach paid off. You seem like a very nice guy and you always leave your heart on the stage every time you perform.”

Blake explains how he believed the dancing added to Vedo’s performance. He says “I thought it was awesome.”

Usher says, “I really do think you paced yourself to make it through the entire performance. You did the work and I believe it paid off for you.”

Holly Tucker performs “A Broken Wing” by Martina McBride

Holly is definitely one of the strongest country singers in the competition. Her voice is so powerful, yet so perfectly sweet and pure. She really did the song justice and gave such an outstandingly strong ending to the song.

Usher says, “ Anybody who ever doubted your talent is a freakin idiot. It was an incredible performance.”

Shakira says, “Gosh damn girl that was awesome. It was a pretty. It was elegant.”

She commends Holly for the falsetto and high note at the end and further says that Holly has really outdid herself tonight.

Adam says this performance was another example of how great Holly is. He describes Holly’s performance as “one of the better vocal performances of the show.”

Blake says, “This is the best we have heard you sing so far. I know somewhere Martina McBride is going ‘Omgosh.’ You did the song justice, you made a difference tonight for Nashville.”

Garrett Gardner performs “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys

Oh gosh, we definitely have to say we are disappointed with Shakira’s song choice for Garrett. We get she wanted him to take the song and completely make it his own but it just didn’t work! We are obsessed with Garrett’s voice. He has an incredibly strong raspy texture to his voice that really captivates us when he sings, especially last week when he covered The Beatle’s “Imagine.” Unfortunately, we weren’t feeling his performance tonight, but we really hope he makes it to the next round of the competition just because we know he has incredible potential when given the right song choice.

Adam says, “That wasn’t my favorite choice. It was cool, but I was a little thrown by it. It was good, but it didn’t capture me the way I wanted it to by you.”

Blake explains how choosing a song from left field is a smart idea because it allows you to see what true kind of artist you are. He says, “ It was different, but I thought it was pretty good.”

Usher pronounces, “Constructive criticism can only make you better. If you want to make a long lasting impression you gotta take a risk like that.”

Shakira describes Garrett as the most charismatic in this competition. She says she thinks his rendition was “cool as hell and badass.”

Sarah Simmons performs “The Story” by Brandi Carlile

Sarah has one of the most distinct voices in the competition. The powerful grit in her voice is unmatchable. The way she would crescendo in and out of her upper register is applaud worthy.

Blake says, “Thank you for showing us the extremes of your voice. That was an incredible job.”

Shakira explains how she thinks the song definitely suits Sarah’s style and voice.

Adam remarks, “It’s so hard to do what you do. That grit you have, the refined diversity in your voice and all the range you have makes it so special. You’re one of the best singers we’ve had.”

The Swon Brothers perform “Who’s Going to Fill Their Shoes” by George Jones

Although a bit shaky on their solo parts, the Swon Brothers always excel when harmonizing together. Overall, it was a solid performance by the country duo.

Usher says that they have shown true diversity. He specifically says, “It was an incredible tribute to George Jones and an incredible performance on your behalf.”

Adam comments, “It was a beautiful rendition of that song. You guys delivered it. I was just enjoying it and having a good time.”

Blake explains it was the Swon Brothers decision to do this song. He says, “ Kudos to you, I think this is yall’s breakout moment tonight.”

Sasha Allen performs “Alone” by Heart

Wow. Sasha blew us away again. Tonight she once again sang with extraordinary passion and profoundly connected with the emotions attached to the song.

She did a great job of showcasing her astonishingly strong upper register.

Adam once again reiterates how much he hates that he let her go from his team. He says “ You’re really miraculous. You’re amazing.”

Usher proclaims, “I felt like you kinda took us to church.”

Shakira declares, “ Sasha is without a doubt one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. It was beautiful, heart-felt emotional and passionate.”

Josiah Hawley performs “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script

Josiah perfectly described himself in his video package tonight as a pop rock artist with jazz influences. He created a very intimate vibe to the song as he played his guitar and gave an all-around great interpretation of the song.

Adam says, “You found the sweet spot in your voice and you sounded the best you ever have tonight.”

Blake agrees with Adam saying, “That was my very favorite performance by you.”

Usher explains how Josiah broke it down and made it acoustic and did a good job of showing a different side of himself. He says Josiah has many different levels to him and gushes about the exciting opportunity to work with a young “Adam Levine.”

We actually agree with Usher on this one! Parts of Josiah’s voice definitely does sound like Adam’s!

Danielle Bradbery performs “Wasted” by Carrie Underwood

Danielle definitely reminds us of a younger version of Taylor Swift. We might get some hate for saying this, but dare we say that Danielle is vocally stronger than Swift?! There’s such an effortlessness in Danielle’s voice that is simply breathe-taking.

Shakira says she can never detect an ounce of nerves in Danielle. She specifically states: “ You’re like a 16 year old Margret Thatcher. A mini Iron Lady.” Classically clever comment by Shakira right?!

Adam asserts, “You are the one to beat in the competition. You did an incredible job.”

Blake basically explains how Danielle’s voice is limitless and describes her as a “sweet all American Country girl.”

Judith Hill performs “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King

Judith is easily the most talented artist in the competition. With no band accompaniment, Judith played the piano and sang her heart out with an always commanding vocal. She’s such a pro and honestly should already be headlining her own shows.

Blake says, “ You can’t really dissect that. It was beautiful. It was powerful. It was everything we expect from you every week.”

Usher expresses, “You’re totally in control of your destiny at this point. People know you in many different ways now and I am glad you showed that side of you tonight.”

Adam states: “You are the most talented human being in this competition. It blows my mind.”

Michelle Chamuel performs “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn

We love us some Michelle. She gave a breakout performance of “True Colors” last week and tonight she showed a cool, fun and exciting side of herself.

Shakira says, “ That was really cool. You learned to dance and sing at the same time and did it like a pro. Kudos to you.”

Adam announces, “You’ve become one of my favorites. You are passionate and engaged and I love you.”

Usher says, “I adore you. I think you are incredible. You always give it your all.”

Kris Thomas performs “I’ll Be There” by Jackson 5

Although pitchy in parts, Kris had some vocally shining moments. We loved the lovely runs he implemented in the song and he ended the song very strongly.

Adam notes, “I gotta say that was a task and you definitely rose to it. That was a tough thing to do.”

Blake says, “You’re always proving yourself to people. This week was no exception, that was incredible.”

Usher acknowledges that although there were parts he could pick apart, if there is no risk, then there’s no reward.

Shakira professes, “You really want to win this competition. You sang with so much sincerity. There is so much sweetness and honesty in your voice.”

Amber Carrington performs “I’m Going to Love You Through It” by Martina McBride

Amber’s voice is a perfect combination of country, pop and and rock. She gave a beautiful rendition of a classic song by McBride.

Blake announces, “You did Martina proud and you did country music proud. Adam’s got a star with you.”

Usher says, “Right when you think she was giving it her all, she gives more. You’re really an incredible vocalist. I see you having an incredible career whether you win or not.”

Shakira explains how she really appreciated that Amber did a country song tonight.

Adam pronounces, “You always continue to impress me. You can do anything as a singer, but you keep surpassing my expectations every single week. You connect on an emotional level that really astonishes me every time you sing.”

Who was your favorite performance tonight? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

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