The Voice’s Trevin Hunte – Head & Shoulders Above The Rest

The Voice’s Trevin Hunte – Head & Shoulders Above The Rest

Tonight’s season 3 episode of NBC’s The Voice showcased the Top 12 contestants.

There were a plethora of great performances ranging from Dez Duron’s uniquely soulful twist on Lauren Hill’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” to Amanda Brown’s hauntingly moving rendition of Florence & The Machine’s “Spectrum.”

Also, got to give major props to Sylvia Yacoub for bravely choosing to take on Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” Despite a jittery start, she pretty much nailed it.

There were two performances that were the most memorable.

Bryan Keith did a superb job covering Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.”

The best part about the performance was that he really made it his own. He added his on jazzy/ rock spin to it, all the while making it look effortless.

Blake admitted that Keith took the lead for team Adam. Christina agreed with Blake, as she acknowledged how much she appreciates Keith for adding a “cool modern day raspy Sinatra vibe” to his performance.

Cee-lo emphasized how this song choice signified how strong his voice is. While Adam believed this was Keiths’ break out moment that really showed how incredible he is. He exclaimed “this was your day, your moment in the competition.”

Trevin Hunte’s performance of Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” was the best performance of the night as it received a standing ovation by every coach.

Hunte gave a stunningly explosive performance with flawless vocals and profound depth and emotion.

He is without a shadow of a doubt a top contender in this competition.

Adam admitted how hard it is for him to say much after his performance.

He expressed how much he believed Hunte’s voice is a gift from God and that he’s never heard anything like it. He praised him stating: “You have this magic ability to bring down the house every time you hit the stage.”

Christina gracefully thanked him for his performance, further declaring “ You brought it home for me. You have such a cool raspy tone to your voice.”

Cee-lo eloquently described Hunte’s voice as “an angel from God.” He gave a slew of heart-warming compliments, stating: “I’m humbled by your voice, you encourage me in such a profound way. Your talent is immense and extraordinary. You are a natural born champion.”

Who was your favorite performance of the night?

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