The Walking Dead: 1st Half Of Season 4 Now Available Streaming Online

The Walking Dead: 1st Half Of Season 4 Now Available Streaming Online

Just about all episodes of The Walking Dead are pivotal in one way or another.

But last night’s Too Far Gone…  was epic!

You missed it? Then you missed a lot!

This morning though, AMC put the full The Walking Dead mid-season finale online on their website here.

But that’s not the only episode available – the whole first half of season 4 is available streaming online for the next 28 days, according to AMC’s site.

There are some limitations on who can watch the episodes though. They are not freely available to everyone.

AMC requires that viewers be subscribers to one of the following cable services: AT&T U-verse, Charter, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, Bright House, Cox, Time Warner or Xfinity.

Viewers will be required to log in through their TV subscription service to access the show.

The short pre-season 4 webisode series, “The Oath” is available to non-subscribers.

Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of The Walking Dead are available on Netflix, which offers a free one month trial to new subscribers. It’s unlikely that season 4 will be available on Netflix until we near the premiere of season 5.

The second half of season 4 will premiere on Sunday, February 9, 2014. The premiere date was announced last night at the end of The Talking Dead.

Can you wait for the next chapter of The Walking Dead?

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