The Walking Dead - 1st half of season 4 is available streaming on AMCThe second half of season 4 of The Walking Dead is set to premiere on AMC on February 9 at 9 PM.

In the lead up to the premiere, AMC has put the first half of season 4 online.

According to AMC, the full episodes will be available for the next 10 days on their site here.

There is a bit of a catch though… you do have to be a subscriber to one of the following cable services to watch them: AT&T U-verse, Charter, Bright House, Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Optimum, Time Warner, Verizon FiOS, or Wow.

There are no other legitimate online streaming sources for the first half of season 4.

Seasons 1 – 3 of The Walking Dead are available on Netflix. Netflix offers a free one-month trial to new subscribers.

AMC is also having a The Walking Dead marathon starting on Super Bowl Sunday.

The marathon starts at 10 AM with the first episode from season 1, Days Gone By.

It continues nonstop through the end of season two early Monday morning, ending at 6 AM.

The marathon picks back up with the beginning of season 3 at 1 PM on Saturday, February 8.

It continues on through the first half of season 4 and wraps up with the first episode of the second half of S4 at 9 PM.

Will you be catching up on the first half of The Walking Dead S4 at or watching the marathon?

Can’t wait for S4 to get going again?

Looks like it will be intense! Ok, TWD is always intense, eh?

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