Find yourself craving the good old “Days Gone By” of ‘The Walking Dead’? Satiate your undead appetite by tuning into AMC on Monday October 6th at 7 PM (6 C). The zombie hordes will dominate AMC during its Zombie Apocalypse Week Marathon.

The staggered time intervals are a bit confusing. According to AMC, the first leg of ‘The Walking Dead’ marathon, featuring season 1, stretches from 7 PM on October 6th to 12:30 AM on October 7th.

“What Lies Ahead,” the first of 13 episodes from Season 2, airs Tuesday morning at 1:30 AM. Season 2, episodes 2-4 4 will run from 7 PM- 10 PM on Tuesday evening.

The marathon continues Wednesday morning from 12:01 AM- 2 AM and resumes Wednesday evening from 7 PM  until 2 AM on Thursday morning. The 7 PM through 2 AM interval continues Thursday into Friday.

Saturday at 1 PM (12 C),  viewers  head  “Home” (S.3, Ep. 10) to devour the 7 remaining episodes of season 3 along with all 16 episodes of season 4.

‘The Walking Dead’ marathon glides viewers into the highly anticipated season 5 premier, “No Sanctuary.” Season 5 premiers Sunday October 12th  at 9 PM. You can visit to review the entire ‘Walking Dead’ schedule.

“No Sanctuary” promises to reveal the true nature of the Terminans. The episode description reveals Rick and the rest of the Grimes “family” find themselves in a vulnerable position. The Terminans’ advantage is sure to be short lived;  after all, “They’re screwing with the wrong people.”