It’s official: Andrew J. West has been cast as Gareth, a new character slated to appear on The Walking Dead before the end of season four.

West’s previous roles include Fisher on “Greek” and Max on “Privileged.”  He will join the show as a guest star, but word is he may be permanent come season 5.

In a recent interview, showrunner Scott Gimple explained that the character of Gareth is not in the comics and was invented specifically for the show.  The character will play an important part in current and future storylines.

This season of The Walking Dead has showed the group’s separation and isolation as they try to make their way in the world.

It appears that most of them are traveling toward Terminus, which is supposed to be a safe haven.

It is believed that Gareth is somehow connected to Terminus. If Gareth is connected, odds are he will not have a positive impact on the existing characters.

Do you think Gareth is going to be a hero or a villain?

Are you looking forward to him joining The Walking Dead cast?

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