MelissaIn an interview with Access Hollywood Norman Reedus (Daryl) revealed Melissa McBride (Carol) has some “gnarly” scenes in the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead.

Could “The Grove” be the episode her heinous scenes air? She is, after all, heavily featured in the episode’s sneak peeks.

Carol is no longer the meek character from earlier seasons of The Walking Dead. She evolved into a proactive, no nonsense character who makes no apologies for making tough decisions.

Taking responsibility for killing two sick members of her group and then burning their bodies is the most recent example of her pension for violence and action. Tyreese enjoyed a budding romance with one of those victims.

With hints of her future violence, viewers are left wondering who will face her wrath. There are a few possibilities.

Since Carol and Tyreese reunited, fans wondered if she would confess that she murdered his girlfriend. Tyreese may have a violent reaction, leaving Carol little choice but to eliminate another threat. Is a bloody showdown on the horizon?

Yet another possibility involves her protegee Lizzie. In the episode 14 sneak peek, Tyreese leaves Judith in Lizzie’s care. A few episodes ago, Lizzie nearly killed Judith. Does Lizzie follow through this episode? Will that drive Carol to do the unthinkable? A little girl screams, “Carol, no!” in one of the episode’s sneak peeks. Could this be Lizzie pleading for her life?

Maybe Carol’s faction encounter the Hunters. The Hunters is a group in The Walking Dead comics that resorts to cannibalism and ate Dale’s leg. Perhaps Carol finds herself in Dale’s macabre position.

The suspense is almost too much to bear! We will have to tune into AMC this Sunday at 9:00 for answers.