‘The Walking Dead,’ Ep. 507, “Crossed”: Grief, Hope, & Head Wounds

There is only one more episode left until The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale.

Episodes 504-506 are relatively low key compared to the pulse pounding Season 5 premier and the two episodes that followed it. Episode 507 continues to build palpable tension.

This is the first episode of The Walking Dead since 504, “Four Walls and a Roof,” that we glimpse the full cast in  one episode, all in their various stages of conflict.

The central conflict, naturally, centers on Rick’s efforts to rescue Beth and Carol. Tyrese convinces Rick that a prisoner exchange is more likely to win back the two women than storming the hospital with guns blazing. Surprisingly, Daryl favors Tyrese’s plan to Rick’s cowboy method. Daryl is not ruled by his anger or vengeance. This is not so with Rick.

After Daryl fends off one of Dawn’s officers, Rick comes on the scene and holds the man at gunpoint. As the music throbs in the background, Daryl talks Rick down, convincing him that three officers for the prisoner exchange are better than two.

But is this mercy weakness?

Is humanity a strength or weakness at this stage in the zombie apocalypse?

Sasha shares a warm moment with one of Dawn’s officers in the midst of hostage exchange and her grief over Bob. She offers him the closure that Tyrese told her to feel grateful for when the hostage identifies a friend who is now a zombie.

Her thanks? Why – a smashed head, of course!

Did Sasha’s kindness and the peace Tyrese gave her make her vulnerable? Or was it her grief? I mean, the hostage’s name was Bob, afterall. How did she not see that sneak attack coming?! One thing is for sure, if these characters can’t let go of their grief, it will hurt them…literally.

Meanwhile, Glenn, Rosita, and Tara bond as they filter water and catch fish while Maggie watches over Eugene and Abraham finds the will to go on living. At least one group is in tact. But for how long? They’ve been stalled in the middle of the road for some time with a horde of zombies lumbering their way.

Will the horde catch up to them, or will the group move on in the spirit of Carl’s comment, “You can’t stay in one place for too long.”

Speaking of Carl, he does his best to mentor Father Gabrielle. Michonne seems particularly perturbed by Carl’s calm explanation of survival. Apparently Father Gabrielle, who is haunted by his past and disturbed by the Termite’s slaughter, thinks he can escape the ugliness of the zombie apocalypse and abandons Michonne. Carl, and Judith by slipping through loosed floorboards.

Why would he run from those who could protect him, especially when he isn’t quite prepared to protect himself? He managed to fend off one walker, but he couldn’t finish the job. How long can he last out on his own?

Scenes from the mid-season finale include Rick trying to broker a deal for Beth and Carol’s release.

Will Dawn cooperate, or should Rich have followed his instincts and stormed the hospital?

Better still, will Beth and Carol fend for themselves and bust out of the hellish hospital all on their own? What’s more how long will it be until our Grimes gang is reunited?

I can’t wait for Maggie and Beth to find each other! And who doesn’t love a Carol and Daryl family reunion? We may have to wait, though, until the second half of  season five.

The Walking Dead Season 5 mid-season finale airs Sunday November 30th at 9 PM on AMC.

What are your predictions for the last episode before the dreaded hiatus? What questions weigh most heavily on your mind?

You can share your questions and predictions in the comments section below!

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