‘The Walking Dead’ Ep. 606: New Tension, New Faces, New Distress Call

‘The Walking Dead’ continues to keep frustrated fans in the dark regarding Glenn’s fate, revealing a small hint at the end of the episode. Episode 606, “Always Accountable,” finally addresses Daryl, Sasha and Abraham, last seen luring a herd of zombies away from the safe zone and harps on the standard moral dilemmas that revisit old questions.


The trio falls apart when an unseen assailant opens fire on them. Daryl is held captive by another desperate band of seemingly naïve survivors who seem to be on the run from the Claimers.

They mistake Daryl for a Claimer and decide to use him as a bargaining chip to gain amnesty for taking something, presumably the insulin that Daryl accidentally boosts when he escapes their misguided clutches. Naturally, he brings it back. Cue the bad guys. Audience, meet Wade.

As Wade and his crew pursue Daryl and the three strangers, one of Wade’s crew is bit and begs Wade to cut off his arm- a nod and wink to Rick’s one armed fate in the comics (yes, I know he isn’t bit- he loses his arm under other circumstance) and homage to the late Tyreese who suffered the same fate. A few months ago, Norman Reedus Tweeted pics with a prosthetic arm—looks like that mystery is solved.

When the stranger passes Daryl’s test, he tells him about the safe zone. Luckily, he spares the details because they, naturally, betray Daryl after he saved them, stealing his motorcycle and crossbow. Luckily, Daryl stumbles upon Patty, a truck and makes his way to safety.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Abraham get to the business of tracking Daryl and Abraham seems wildly frustrated with his current circumstances while Sasha maintains a Zen-like calm. She’s come a long way, but Abraham isn’t far behind her.

After Sasha puts Abraham in his place, he makes better decisions, starting with sparing himself a zombie bite in exchange for letting go of a grenade launcher. The universe rewards him- the zombie slips and boom- he gets his grenade launcher.

He regains his composure and gains a little more than new found respect for her after she calls him on his tantrum. Their evolved dynamics bring new sexual tension, which will yield a trite love triangle once they get back to the safe zone.

It isn’t long until Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham reconnect, Daryl being the trusty tracker. Thank goodness the episode gave some closure to that bit of conflict.

It remains unclear if the two strangers Daryl encountered were will be a threat. Will they seek amnesty from the Claimers by sharing this new information with them? Will the Claimers bring another wave of attacks on Alexandria?

As Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl drive into the sunset, a voice groans for help through the radio. That’s right, we’re getting closer to satisfaction. All signs point to the voice being Glenn. Then again, it could be a trap, but that’s unlikely. At this point, all of the Alexandrians are safe and Glenn is the only group member unaccounted for. I’m torn about this detail.

Yes, I adore the character Glenn and was disappointed his character didn’t have a better sendoff scene, but I wonder if show writers can spare his life without compromising the integrity of the series. How on Earth would a person survive an attack like that? I suppose, Rick’s unexplained safe return to Alexandria was meant to brace viewers for Glenn’s miraculous recovery.

There’s only two episodes left in the first half of Season 6, so here’s to hoping loose ends are tied and new conflicts are introduced before the long hiatus. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Who do you think is on the other end of the radio distress call? You can leave your questions and predictions in the comment section.

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