‘The Walking Dead’ Ep. 607: Glenn’s Unhappy Homecoming [Spoilers]

With one more episode left to the first half of Season 6, The Walking Dead: Episode 607, finally revealed the answer to the drawn out question of Glenn’s survival. The question, though, is if the answer satisfying?

Glenn managed to slide under a dumpster. Apparently the herd was so engrossed in devouring Nicholas that none of the walkers grabbed at him or bit him. A very careful feeding frenzy indeed.

A few walkers reached for him under the dumpster, but he stabbed them in the head. The rest of his time was spent in relative safety. Once the coast was clear, he shimmied to an upper level apartment where Enid, who was hurling bottled water at Glenn, delivered the bad news about Alexandria and bolted. She’s another wily one.

The ever conscientious Glenn goes after her in the name of Maggie, who would never leave a person behind. Staring down the barrel of Enid’s gun, Glenn may soon realize some people prefer solitude. Does Enid have the right idea? Are her chances of survival greater on her own? Is being part of a group too much of a liability?

Glenn cheats death again by calling her bluff and grabbing the gun. He does his best to penetrate her armor, again calling her bluff on her emotional armor. She shuts down, but her sad eyes indicate he’s nailed it. Enid isn’t the only kid playing with guns.

After Rick and Carl give Ron a brief lesson on how to handle a gun, Ron sneaks into the Alexandria armory and steals bullets. His disgust for Carl was palpable during the lesson, so the theft doesn’t bode well for Carl.

In The Walking Dead comics, Carl is shot in the eye by Douglas, Deanna’s comic counterpart. Will Ron shoot Carl? Will it be an act of jealousy, or will he panic during the walker invasion set in motion at the end of tonight’s episode.

A deliberate shot from one of Deanna’s on one of Rick’s will create a greater rift in what’s left of Alexandria. Rick is already spouting off us and them rhetoric. Is he guilty, like Enid, of fashioning a suit of emotional armor to spare himself the pain of further loss?

It seems he’s starting to doubt his cold calculations after Deanna calls him out on saving her son, who stupidly tried to shimmy out of Alexandria on a wire and nearly cost Tara her life, attributing Rick’s act to his pesky humanity.

This warm-fuzzy moment sets the stage for The Walking Dead’s usual brand of false hope. Cue the return of the prodigal runner. And he’s just in time to witness mass chaos as the walls of Alexandria come tumbling down under the weight of the fallen watch tower. With the emphasis on the importance of life and humanity, does this symbolize the potential of the group’s demise if it sheds its protective armor?

Glenn and Enid signal their return and Maggie excitedly hurries to Rick exclaiming it’s a signal from Glenn. Will Glenn’s position outside of the gates put him in the position to save Maggie and the others?  Who will survive the ravenous herd? Will Rick and his group help vulnerable Alexandrians, or will the group fend only for itself? Could this attack be just what they needed to finally unify?

In the comic series, this attack is the end of Alexandria and the group is forced to move to a new community, the Hilltop Colony led by Gregory, complements of Jesus. The Hilltop Colony is under the thumb of Negan, The Walking Dead’s infamous villain, so it’s up to Rick to take a stand against the bully.

Before a new villain enters the scene, hopefully The Walking Dead addresses the Wolf that Morgan has locked in an Alexandria cell. Before the walls collapse, Carol spots Morgan leading Denise, the doctor, to the cell.

Will Morgan put his life at risk for the Wolf while Alexandria is under siege by the walkers? Will Morgan revert to his old ways once the walls are down and he has to kill or be killed, or will he chose death over bloodshed?

And where the heck is Daryl? Will he get back in time to help the group fend off the herd, or will he rejoin the group at the Hilltop Colony?

The Walking Dead mid-season finale has much to answer next week. Hopefully, the series will close the Alexandria arc and introduce the Hilltop saga. I’m sure it will give viewers just enough of a cliff hanger to keep them stewing until its February 14 return.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you glad Glenn is back? What do you think is next for Rick, Deanna and the others?

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