TaraAll eyes are on Abraham and Tara in “The Walking Dead’s” episode 15 sneak peek. As Abraham and Tara quibble about which of them should catch up on sleep, Abraham clarifies Tara and Glen’s role in his “mission.”

Abraham makes it clear that he picked up Tara and Glenn for “support,” not “help.” This distinction is interesting in the context of the rest of their talk.

Abraham tells Tara that he noticed her admiring Rosita’s physique. He acknowledges her sexuality because it disproved his original theory about her relationship with Glenn and the nature of her insomnia. His natural tone of acceptance struck me.

Relationships are essential to the drama of “The Walking Dead.” Kirkman’s franchise is successful because it paints an accurate portrait of all American citizens.

In his recent Reddit AMA, fans asked Kirkman about the sexuality of an integral comic book character, Jesus. 32 issues after Jesus’s debut, readers find him snuggled up to his romantic partner. Minor characters in the comic series have been gay, but Jesus is the first main character.

When fans questioned Kirkman’s decision to write gay characters, he responded that there are many amazing gay people in life, so there should be more amazing gay characters in books.

Tara is the first confirmed gay character on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Her sexuality is not a plot point, unlike Lori’s affair with Shane; Andrea’s tryst with the Governor; and Maggie and Glenn’s marriage.

The casual, fleeting mention of her sexuality is great because it shows that, just as in life, people are not defined by their sexuality. It is one part of a person’s identity. Kirkman may not have set out to help the LGBT community, but his work definitely supports it.