‘The Walking Dead’ “Go Getters” : The Rise Of Maggie Rhee

The Walking Dead “Go Getters” brings forth the rise of Maggie Rhee.

Thankfully, Maggie and her unborn child are okay. But how safe will they be at the Hilltop?

Gregory, the Hilltop’s spineless leader, continues to be a creep. He not only suggests that Maggie and Sasha can stay at the Hilltop if Sasha has sex with him, but tries to sell the women out to Simon, one of Negan’s henchmen.

Luckily, Jesus hid Maggie and Sasha from both Simon and Gregory. Jesus is reluctant to lead, but now that Maggie and Sasha are at the Hilltop, the trio will buck Gregory’s authority.

One of the more gratifying moments of the “Go Getter” is when Maggie, newly widowed and ill, punches Gregory in the jaw (for trying to sell them out) and snatches back Glenn’s pocket watch.

She demands Gregory calls her by her name. Maggie. Maggie Rhee. You could almost hear Aretha sing “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” in the background. Amazing!

In the Walking Dead comic series, Maggie runs the Hilltop and Gregory does his best to undermine her. But there is strength in numbers…and Alexandrian numbers keep growing at the Hilltop.

Enid, with the help of Carl, reunites with Maggie and pays her respects to Glenn, adorning his gravesite with green balloons. In an empowering moment, Maggie bequeaths Glenn’s pocket watch to Enid.

Maggie doesn’t need an object to hold on to Glenn. She will carry his legacy as she leads the Hilltop. Has she lost her need for vengeance?

Sasha isn’t ready to let go of anger and sends Jesus off on a recon mission to find Negan’s  home base, electing to keep Maggie out of the mix. But Sasha and Jesus aren’t the only ones on a mission to find Negan’s sanctuary.

Jesus hides in the back of one of the Savior trucks. Turns out Carl is hiding in the same truck. Will Carl be a liability for Jesus? Or will Jesus keep Carl from jeopardizing Alexandria’s safety…again? Jesus’ smirk suggest fun times are ahead.

Now that Carl and Jesus are off to Negan’s stronghold, will they be able to free Daryl? That seems unlikely. Negan would probably head straight to Alexandria and deliver some serious terror. But hey, we could hope, right?

It’s interesting that Negan sent Simon to Gregory’s Hilltop. His absence indicates how little he thinks of Gregory. Negan made a personal appearance to keep Rick in check, indicating that Rick is still a threat to Negan’s authority.

Now that Maggie is in charge of the Hilltop, will she have to deal with the Saviors, or will Gregory keep up appearances? After all, if the Saviors found out the Hilltop harbored two of Rick’s people, that would bode poorly for him.

It would not go well for Rick or Maggie if misogynist Negan finds out she’s still alive. As far as Negan knows, Maggie is dead. That could only work to her advantage, but how long can they keep that ruse going? Hopefully, he doesn’t poke around the Hilltop.

Back at Alexandria, Rick heads out to scavenge for Negan’s tribute. Michonne stays behind.

The Walking Dead seems to be making a deliberate effort to empower its female characters. Michonne, a powerhouse, may be Alexandria’s last hope. Carl is too reckless and Rick is still punishing himself. Michonne is angry but calculating.

Right now it’s a race to take down Negan. Will it be Carl, Sasha, Michonne, Rick, or Maggie? Walking Dead readers know how things turn out for Negan, but it’s possible the AMC series may deviate from that outcome.

Besides, once someone takes down Negan, they still have to deal with the Saviors…he may be the only thing keeping them (somewhat) in check.  Are the streets safer with Negan keeping the Saviors in tow? Would a Negan-fee world be even more dangerous?

What do you think is coming up next on the Walking Dead? Did you enjoy the Hilltop-centered episode? Do you think Maggie should lead the Hilltop?

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