The Walking Dead Marathon, Seasons 1, 2 & 3, Begin July 4th

The Walking Dead Marathon, Seasons 1, 2 & 3, Begin July 4th

AMC is having a The Walking Dead marathon, stretched out over four days, starting July 4th.

Looks like we’ll be skipping the local fireworks show this year!

AMC will be airing the entire 1st season, all six episodes, in color, back to back, from 1pm to 8pm July 4th (all times ET).

At 8pm, AMC will begin airing the black and white version of season 1. That wraps up at 3am, July 5th.

The second season will air starting at 1pm July 5th and run until 2:48am July 6th. Almost 13 hours straight of The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead season 3 starts July 6 at 1pm and continues until 12:30am on the 7th. Then picks back up at 1pm on the 7th and goes until 9pm.

And there you go – thirty-six episodes in all, in four days.  Hope you have lots of room on your DVR!

According to AMC’s announcement, the filming of season 4 is going strong. The marathon is being hosted by Comic Book Men executive producer Kevin Smith (eh, we would rather have the host of The Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick, but I guess AMC needs to push Comic Book Men).

The marathon will include Smith talking shop with the cast and crew of The Walking Dead during filming in Atlanta, and will no doubt show some behind-the-scenes zombie action.

Still, we got nothing when it comes to when season 3 will hit Netflix. Our bet is about four days before the premiere of season 4 on AMC…. sometime in October (no exact date on that either).

Are you a die hard fan or a Walking Dead newbie?

Who’s your favorite character – and where are you in in the time-line?

Leave your comments below!

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