The Walking Dead ep 307On The Walking Dead tonight, Michonne finally hooks up with our heroes.

But of course, it’s never that easy on The Walking Dead.

Last week, Glen and Maggie were grabbed by Merle, who took them to Woodbury. Merle proceeds to torture Glen, trying to get him to divulge the location of our heroes’ group. Frustrated, Merle turns a Walker lose on Glen, who is tied to a chair. Glen manages to get lose and kill the Walker.

Back at the prison, Michonne is attacked by Walkers outside the fence. Rick and Carl come to her rescue. Safe inside, she, in her own careful and quiet way, tells the group that Glen and Maggie have been kidnapped and taken to Woodberry. Staying true to herself, she only tells them the bare minimum, but that may come back to haunt her. She does not mention Andria. She does not mention Merle.

In Woodbury, the torture has moved on to Maggie. After spending the night with Andria and acting likes he’s just the nicest guy in town, the Governor threatens to rape Maggie, but doesn’t. On the verge of killing Glen, Maggie finally tells the Governor the group is in the prison.

Outside Woodbury, the group  recons the town. Inside, Andria settles in for another night with the Gov.

Next week, we may finally get to the long predicted battle between brothers.

Next week’s episode will be the final show for the first half of season 3. A premiere date for the second half of season 3 has not been announced.

The three sweepstakes code words for tonight are: Look, Out, Behind.

The Walking Dead’s sweepstakes website is at: If you are here reading this, you know what to do with the code.

A sneak peek of next week’s episode, and a video on the making of tonight’s episode, is already online at AMC’s website.

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