sneak peak the walking dead episode 411

The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes hesitates to make decisions.

Previews of this Sunday’s The Walking Dead, titled “Claimed,” reveal a composed Michonne and a battered Rick.

It’s evident that Rick struggles with more than physical wounds.

Standing at opposite ends of a sun-lit kitchen, Michonne asks, “Is this another stop along the way?”

Rick’s response is uncertain, but indicates they will stay at the house at least one more night. Quick glances and broken sentences point towards his self-doubt after the Governor’s attack.

Michonne’s quiet confidence implies she’ll take the lead while Rick regroups.

She convinces Rick to stay behind while she and Carl go find supplies. He seems relieved to relinquish control.

On AMC’s The Walking Dead site, fans share Rick’s concerns about the road ahead. Viewers speculate the settlement, Terminus (a.k.a. end of the road),  is a trap set by a settlement of people hungry enough to do the unthinkable.

 Paranoid fans question the comic’s beloved Abraham. They wonder if the show will diverge from his heroic character.

We’ll find out soon. The Walking Dead is on AMC, Sunday, 9pm.

What do you think is next for the scattered group?

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