The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-11This week’s episode of The Walking Dead opens on a light note. Carl laughs at Michonne’s new shirt and the two joke about soy milk.

Carl laughs that he would rather drink Judith’s formula and the tone shifts. The memory of Judith kills the laughter and stirs pain. Shortly after, the two go on a supply run and leave Rick home to rest.

Michonne does her best to break Carl’s sudden depression. In one of the episode’s lighter moments, she growls and fills her mouth with silly cheese, but he remains stoic.

Intuitive Michonne gets Carl to turn around by alluding to her dead son and turning Carl’s curiosity into a game. She shares her son’s name and death. Carl promises to guard her secret and it is clear that this is a mutually therapeutic moment.

Tension runs high while Rick, home alone, wakes to a house full of marauders. Through a blend of dumb luck and ruthlessness, including turning one of the intruders into a walker, Rick escapes.

Once on the ground, one of the intruders is on the porch and prevents Rick’s mad dash from the house. Luckily, the man Rick killed turns into a zombie just in time to create a much needed distraction.

Michonne and Carl appear in the distance. The three escape and end up on the road to Terminus, hot on the heels of Tyreese, Judith, and Carol.

By the close of the episode, one thing is clear- there is no such thing as safety.