‘The Walking Dead’ Rick’s Promise, Bob’s Wisdom, & Mystery Person

“You’re eating TAINTED MEAT!” Bob hysterically howls in a moment lifted right from the pages of The Walking Dead. Tonight’s episode, “Four Walls and a Roof,” brought one of the most grotesque The Walking Dead opening scenes.

Quick editing cuts between Gareth’s gang of hunters gnawing on Bob’s leg to zombies closing in on the cannibals show the blurred lines of humanity. Between the Hunters and the Walkers, the average person would likely fare better against the Walkers. But Rick and his crew are far from average.

Gareth marks the church with a bloody A, the same letter that marked Rick’s Terminus train car, foolishly believing he and the Hunters could regain the upper hand. Did he really think it would be that easy to bring down Rick?

Early in the episode, Gareth acknowledges that there is no going back, mocking the marks that he and the Termites left to lead them back home. He, too, marks the church, trying to rekindle his role as warden and Rick’s role as prisoner. Like the man said, you can never go back. Rick quickly turns the tables on Gareth and his crew.

Once Gareth and his group turned men to meat, there surely was no turning back for them. And Rick was right to kill him. But was the all out slaughter necessary? After Rick butchers Gareth, we have to wonder if Rick has wandered too far from his good nature.

Rick makes good on his promise to slice and dice Gareth using a machete with a red handle, and in that moment it feels like just desserts. But then he doesn’t stop. He hacks away– even Maggie and Glenn stand by in horror.Did Gareth and the Termites deserve their grotesque death? After all, they survived on the flesh and misery of humans. But does that warrant overkill?

When the bloody deed is done, the group turns its attention to Bob who lies dying on Gabriel’s cot. Bob advises, “I didn’t know if any good people were left… you took people in… it was you, man. Nightmares end, but they shouldn’t end who you are.”

Rick has been on a steady descent since he ripped Joe the Claimer’s throat out with his bare teeth. He finally embraces his inner-monster and allows it to help him and his family to survive.

But how far is too far? Is he close to the line, or has he crossed it already? There’s something strange about watching the same man chop a human being to bits in one scene and cuddle and coo his baby in the next scene.

One thing is for sure, the world needs Rick Grimes– even alpha male Abraham knows that. The inscription on the map he leaves with Rick assures viewers that Rick will reunite with Maggie and Glenn who decide to travel with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. It seems there is another reunion in store for episode 504 of the The Walking Dead.

In the closing scene of 503, Daryl creeps from the dark woods while Michonne is on watch. When she asks for Carol, he calls for someone to come out of the woods to join him. Who is he beckoning? Did he and Carol manage to rescue Beth? Will the two ladies come out and reunite with what’s left of Rick’s group? It would be interesting if Beth did rejoin the group on the heels of Maggie leaving it– it’s been ages since the sisters have been together.

Or did Daryl and Morgan connect as Daryl and Carol tracked Beth’s abductor? If it’s Morgan, could he possibly be a scout from the Alexandria Safe Zone?

Who do you think is with Daryl? You can leave your predictions, questions, or insight in the comment section. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM on AMC.

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