The Walking Dead S3The prison, Michonne (and her pets), new survivors, a new home?

The Walking Dead season 3 premiere tonight, titled “Seed,” was loaded with TWD zombie goodness.

The new season begins about 6 to 7 months after the end of season 2 (they don’t provide an exact time frame).

The group is scavenging for its existence. Going house to house, searching for supplies. They track and duck roving herds of Walkers along the way.

We have Rick’s (estranged?) wife, Lori, now very obviously pregnant. Carl, obviously relishing his new role as a Walker killer. Hershel, visibly aging. Glen and Maggie, who still appear to have a thing going on. Beth, Hershel’s 16 year old daughter, who looks like she might have a more prominent role this season. T-Dog, of course. And Daryl and Carol, who are flirtatious during tonight’s episode, though in a somewhat disturbing manner.

They stumble upon the prison they camped so close to at the end of season 2, but apparently missed. Seizing the opportunity for a new, fenced in, home, a Walker slaughter ensues. The group begins clearing out the prison and yard. A harrowing experience, as one can imagine. The clanks and rattles echoing down the corridors of the prison add an even spookier, surreal, sound to the zombie show.

Clearing the prison of Walkers starts out well enough. But at the end of the season 3 premier things go terribly wrong. The group is trapped between groups Walkers. They escape to an empty room, but not before Hershel is bit.

In an effort to save him, Rick amputates Hershel’s leg with a hatchet. Right before the end of the show, our heroes are found by a group of survivors (prisoners?) deep within the prison walls.

Interspersed into the story of our main group are scenes of Andrea, who was separated from the group at the end of season 2. You will recall that Andrea was saved by Michonne at the end of last season. Andrea is very sick at this point, but it appears the two have been working together to survive.

AMC is running a sweepstakes contest for a Hyundai Tucson and the possibility of being added as a character to The Walking Dead Social Game. To participate, viewers are asked to enter three words that were published during the show. Those three words were: take, the, prison. They do require that viewers play each week for a chance to win the Tuscon, according to the promos. The site to enter the sweepstakes is Though at the time this story is being published, it looks like AMC’s server can’t handle the load. Attempts to enter the contest are met with a “Too many connections” error.

What did you think of The Walking Dead’s season 3 premier? Will the prison life work out for our heroes? What’s wrong with Andrea? Leave your comments below!