The Walking Dead S4 Premieres Tonight After Marathon

The Walking Dead S4 Premieres Tonight After Marathon

The Walking Dead, season 4, arrives on AMC tonight.

The premiere is set to air at 9pm eastern time, 8pm central. You’ll find season 4 the sneek peek video below. AMC has been showing a The Walking Dead marathon of all past episodes leading up to tonight’s premiere.

This season of The Walking Dead promises to be a bit different. At the end of season 3, our heroes’ roles took a dramatic change as they took the good folk of Woodbury into the safety of their prison stronghold.

The bad folk of Woodbury took their own path. The Governor and two of his croonies are who knows where… but like a bad penny, they will turn up again.

At the end of S3 Rick appeared to be a different man. He saw something in his son, something he didn’t like. His son was becoming him. It seems as though that revelation may bring out Rick’s fatherly side. He may decide to be a more positive role model… we shall see.

Another indication that this season may be different is the title of tonight’s episode – “30 Days Without an Accident.” That sounds almost upbeat. But we are talking The Walking Dead here, that won’t last. The next three episodes are titled “Infected,” “Isolation,” and “Indifference.” Oh boy…

We are looking at 16 new episodes this season. They will begin with tonight’s premiere and run every Sunday until the first half of season 4 wraps on December 1. The second half season 4 will premiere in February, 2014.

Here’s the sneak peek – take a look and leave your comments below!