The painful wait for The Walking Dead’s fifth season is over and man is it back with a BANG! All hail Carol, she who delivers fiery justice and happy family reunions.

Tonight’s pulse pounding bloodbath was not without its just desserts and emotional moments. None of which would be possible without Carol.

Carol single handedly brings down Terminus. The explosion she creates brings down the gates and all Hell breaks loose. Her impeccable timing saved Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Bob from slaughter. The fate of the men were sealed, but the butchers had to move from their cattle to fight the horde that Carol unleashed.

As Carol moved through the camp, she reclaims the watch that she once gave Rick and makes Mary, queen of Terminus, walker meat. Before walkers devour Mary, she shares with Carol how Terminus adopted its “you’re either the butcher or the cattle” philosophy.

According to Mary, the once safe sanctuary, Terminus, ceased to be a safe-haven once rapists and pillagers descended on the camp. The flashback at the end of “No Sanctuary” reveals a hulking figure that looks and sounds an awful lot like Negan, The Walking Dead comic public enemy number one.

Showrunner Scott Gimple, who wrote tonight’s episode, is a notorious The Walking Dead comic fanboy. Will he deliver Negan to us this season? Fingers crossed!

Carol’s act of heroism facilitated two of the most heartwarming family reunions in The Walking Dead series history. After Carol and Daryl have a beautiful reunion, Rick and Carl are finally reunited with Judith.  Wrathful Rick drops his gun and tearfully runs to his baby girl with his son in-tow. The family embraces and tears flow. Tyreese and Sasha are also reunited.

Another reunion may be underway. The final shot of The Walking Dead features Morgan. That’s right, MORGAN!

Morgan first appeared in Season 1 and again in as an isolated shadow of himself in Season 3. Rick may not have survived the onset of the zombie apocalypse had Morgan not given him shelter and helped him get to the police station.

Morgan is apparently tracking Rick or making his way to Terminus. He looks much better than we last saw him in Season 3.

With Gareth alive, could Morgan save Rick and his adopted family from Gareth’s vengeance? How long until he catches up to Rick?

What was your favorite part of tonight’s premiere of The Walking Dead? You can share your favorite moments, predictions, and insight in the comment section.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM on AMC.