The Walking Dead S6 Spoilers: Glenn’s Alive-Here’s The Proof [Video/Pics]

Is Glenn really gone?  Is no one really safe?

That’s what everyone’s wondering this morning after last night’s shocking episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ and while I too, thought he was, fact is he’s not.

*Warning-Spoilers Ahead*

Executive producer Scott M. Gimple, as well as the cast, warned that season 6 was going to be the most intense ride ever and boy, they weren’t lying.

Episode 3, titled “Thank You”, was an emotionally draining roller coaster of a ride that left more questions than answers.

However, the one thing I’m sure of now is that Glenn is very much alive.


Because after going back to watch again, listening to Gimple’s statement on the ‘Talking Dead: and hearing from others on social media I’m convinced he’s not- for several reasons.

Let’s start with the actual scene where Glenn “dies”, which you can view below.

Nicholas shoots himself, causing him and Glenn to fall to the ground, where they are swarmed by walkers.

You then see Glenn being “devoured” by the walkers, a look of horror and disbelief on his face.

Right there is clue number 1: if Glenn was being bitten into, he would be screaming in pain, not looking down in horror.

But he’s not in pain because he’s not being eaten alive- he’s watching Nicholas, who landed on top of him, get ripped to shreds.

Clue number 2?  If they were ripping Glenn apart there would be blood coming out of his mouth, but there’s none.

Kudos to Gimple, who knew fans would be so shocked watching they would misinterpret what they were seeing and believe they were watching Glenn die.

Speaking of Gimple, he issued a statement following the episode on ‘Talking Dead’, where he neither confirmed nor denied Glenn’s death, only saying we would see him again, either “parts of him” or “in some form”.

Yes, that does sound ominous, like we will see body parts or see him as a walker, but again, Gimple is a master at deception and after thinking about it I realized it could mean something totally different.

Remember, earlier in the episode Glenn said to Michonne that he would find a way to signal her if he got in trouble to let her know he is okay.

What if he escaped (I’ll explain how in a second) and left something for the others to see or find- that would be like seeing a “part of him.”

Then there is this: what if he covered himself in Nicholas’ guts in order to get out of that impossible situation?

Seeing him all covered in blood and guts, with only his eyes showing would make him appear like a walker (some other form) and is a plausible way for him to survive.

Now, if all that isn’t enough to convince you he’s alive, how about the fact that The Spoiling Dead Fans have a pic on their Facebook page of Glenn Rhee on set with Thomas Payne, who plays a new character coming on named Jesus.

The Spoiling Dead Fans are notoriously accurate in their reporting, so if they say he’s on set filming I believe it.

Yes, he could be just visiting the set, but that is highly unlikely.

Plus, if you look at the pic (below), he looks like he is in the middle of filming, unless he likes to walk around with a sheath strapped to him.

Finally, not only wasn’t he mention in the In Memoriam section of “Talking Dead’, he wasn’t a guest on the show- and EVERYONE who dies goes on ‘Talking Dead’.

So my fellow ‘Walking Dead’ fans, put those tissues away because I have a feeling everyone’s favorite dumbass will be back and ready to fight.

Do you think Glenn is dead on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Share your theories about the episode below and be sure to  follow all my latest TV and streaming reports on Twitter.

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