terminus collageThe season four finale of “The Walking Dead” airs tomorrow at 9:00 P.M. on AMC. Viewers have speculated events to come, especially where Mary and Terminus are concerned. While most fans believe Mary and Terminus are dangerous and likely counterparts to the comic’s Hunters, I have a more optimistic theory.

Terminus is the comic book’s Alexandria Safe-Zone. After the prison collapsed, Rick does encounter the infamous Hunters, but then he and his group find safety at Douglas Monroe’s shelter, the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Here the group lives happily for awhile- Michonne even hangs up her katana.

In the television series, most of Rick’s group has made it to Terminus, but Rick, Carl, and Michonne’s group are still out on the road. “The Walking Dead” creator, Robert Kirkman, told Entertainment Weekly that we will see a more savage side of Rick. That could mean that Rick will have a run in with the Hunters or with ruthless bandits. A likely scenario, Rick tears assailants apart after they threaten Carl. If the brutality occurs outside of Terminus, it is likely that it is a safe haven.

The season finale will also debut a new character, Gareth, which indicates Terminus is safe. Gareth may be the comic book character Eric. Eric is a scout that brings new recruits to the Alexandria Safe- Zone. Maybe after Rick destroys the bandits or Hunters, Gareth appears and tells Rick he knows where Rick’s people are.

Kirkman also stated he wants to diversify the television show’s characters, which nods towards Eric’s introduction. Eric is one of the comic’s gay characters.

Mary would then be comic book character Douglas Monroe’s counterpart. Douglas was a fairly passive leader and his community was jovial. The night after Rick and his crew arrived, they threw a cocktail party. It was as though this new group forgot the dead roamed just outside their town’s walls. Douglas is a fair leader, but he soon realizes Rick is much better suited for the job.

The group’s restful respite in the Safe-Zone is short-lived. Season 5 may mirror season 2 when Rick’s people regrouped on Hershel’s farm. That too was short lived.

What savagery do you predict for the season 4 finale? Is the rest of Rick’s group safe in Terminus…for now?