bloody rick

“The Walking Dead’s” Rick Grimes

Viewers barely had a moment to compose themselves after tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” ‘Us,’ when teasers for the season four finale aired.

We were left with so many questions. Where’s Beth? What is Mary cooking (please, anything but BBQ Beth)?Is Terminus a safe haven, or a trap?

As the credits rolled, we see Rick bloody and distraught. Other clips included Michonne wielding her katana while she and Carl are in the woods. Rick is noticeably absent from clips that include Carl and Michonne.

Another sneak peek appeared on tonight’s “The Talking Dead.” Rick, Carl, and Michonne grow closer to Terminus. Carl questions the group’s identity and how they will explain themselves to new comers. Chris Hardwick told viewers this was the only clip devoid of action that would spoil finale surprises.

Carl’s question in the context of the song lyrics, “Be not sorry for what you’ve done,” that played in episode 15 when the survivors entered Terminus is foreboding. Chances are, it will be the people of Terminus that have some explaining to do.

In episode 15 ‘Us,’ we learn Joe is tracking Rick who is on his way to Terminus with Michonne and Carl. For more on tonight’s episode, read “The Walking Dead” Season 4 Episode 15 The Hope and Brutality of ‘Us.’

Joe has a finders keeper, eye-for-an-eye code, so that does not bode well for our hero, Rick Grimes. What will happen when Joe catches up with Rick?

Rick may have to make a sacrifice to appease Joe. Could it be that he offers Joe a pound of flesh in the form of his arm? In the comic books, Rick loses his arm to the Governor so the sacrifice would be a nod to “TWD” readers.

Andrew Lincoln is also scheduled to be on next week’s “Talking Dead.” The “Talking Dead” couch is somewhat cursed since in season’s past most stars appeared after their characters were killed off the series or endured some form of controversial suffering. Either way, all eyes will be on Rick Grimes in the season finale.

What fate is in store for Rick? You can leave your predictions in the comment section.