Season 4 Don’t Look Back

On tonight’s episode of “The Talking Dead,” host, Chris Hardwick announced that AMC will air a season 4 “The Walking Dead” marathon.

Viewers will get their fix of fan favorite, the Governor, as they brace for a long “The Walking Dead” hiatus. October, for most fans, seems like an eternity away. A good session of binge watching may ease our anxiety.

The marathon begins with Season 4, episode 1 “30 Days Without Incident” on Saturday March 29 at 8:00 PM and runs through Sunday evening. For the full schedule you can visit AMC’s schedule.

The marathon ends when the season 4 finale begins at 9:00 PM. The season marathon helps build momentum for the highly anticipated season finale. AMC insiders, according Chris Hardwick, promise a ridiculously action packed finale.

Since there is an eight month gap between the first half of the season and the mid-season of “The Walking Dead” viewers may need a refresher. Besides, it will be fun to watch the evolution of Michonne and Carol all over again.

In past years, AMC has run full series marathons. Viewers interested in viewing seasons 1-3 can do so on Netflix.

What is your favorite season 4 episode? You can leave your cherished “The Walking Dead” memories in the comment section. We can all comfort each other as we brace ourselves for the end of the road.