The Walking Dead Season 4 Update: New Vids & Possible Release Dates

The Walking Dead Season 4 Update: New Vids & Possible Release Dates

Walking Dead fans – AMC just released a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of The Walking Dead season 4 premiere!

Greg Nicotero is directing the premiere.

Yeh, that’s the same guy who directed both webisodes (and a few regular season episodes to boot). Think we’ll see Chase from the Cold Storage webisodes make an appearance in S4? We can only hope!

It’s hard to imagine, but in the video AMC released (you can watch it below), Nicotero says he expects season 4 to be their best season yet. He referred to the show as being a rocket poised on the launch pad, and there is still so much more to go.

The video doesn’t give away any spoilers. Not even close. We get a few shots from last season and a brief clip of some shooting, but that could be from any time.

This is actually the third Walking Dead season 4 related video that AMC has put online. The first one was a bit of a preview. The second one, released last month, showed what “zombie school” looks like. It’s pretty entertaining. You can watch that below as well.

Ok, let’s look forward a bit here….

We don’t have an exact date yet, but we do know that The Walking Dead season 4 premiere is set for an October, 2013, release date.

Season 1 premiered at the end of October, but seasons 2 and 3 premiered on October 16th and 14th, respectively. So if AMC holds true to form from the last two seasons, we are looking for a premiere around mid-October.

Before seasons 2 and 3, webisodes were released two weeks before the premier. So if AMC follows the same scheduling, we may get some webisodes to watch during the first few days of October.

And while we’re speculating on dates…. The Walking Dead season 2 hit Netflix about two weeks before the S3 premiere was shown on AMC.  We’ll be watching, hoping, for the same thing to happen this fall.

Of course, AMC is likely to have some Walking Dead marathons preceding the S4 premiere as well.

Now on to the videos – here’s the latest:

And the one about zombie school:

Walking Dead fans – leave your comments below!

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