‘The Walking Dead’ released an exciting new Season 5 trailer on thewalkingdead.com. The new trailer includes footage from the previously released teaser, but an excerpt of Rick’s fatherly advise, “You are not safe- it only takes one second. Never let your guard down,” adds a new dimension.

Rick explains this hard  fact of life to Carl with intense calm, so viewers can bank on mayhem this season. In the most ominous scene, Rick stares coldly into Gareth’s eyes and promises, “I WILL kill you,” consistent with the primal tone established with Rick’s last line of the Season 4 finale, “They don’t know who they’re screwing with.”

Gareth and the Terminus group won’t have the upper hand for long, but there’s no telling what damage may be done by the time Rick and the rest of his group gain the advantage. A henchmen winds up to swing a baseball bat at a bound and gagged Glen- a scene heart achingly familiar for ‘The Walking Dead’ comic book fans.

In another scene a blurred body is stretched on a table as a bone saw buzzes and sinks into the meat.The gender and identity of the soon-to-be hacked victim is unclear, but it is clearly white. Chances are, it isn’t a member of Rick’s crew, but it points to the ruthless gore viewers should expect from ‘The Walking Dead’ during Season 5.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and ‘TWD’ creator, Robert Kirkman, have been quoted in several sources touting the incredible violence and all out madness this season will unleash on viewers. The trailer also shows Grimes and his group entering a church where they will meet Father Gabriel, who appears as a blurred figure at the 27 second mark. The irony of Rick’s oath, “It isn’t over until they’re all dead,” in a holy place further accentuates the heightened darkness of the season to come.

The appearance of the church also hints that the folks at Terminus are the hunters from ‘The Walking Dead’ comics. The season’s tagline, “Hunt or be Hunted,” is a bit of a nod and wink to ‘The Walking Dead’ comic readers, too.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 premier airs Sunday October 12 at 9:00 PM on AMC. What excites you most about this new Season 5 trailer? You can share you impressions and predictions in the comment section. You can stay tuned to Consumer Press for current ‘The Walking Dead’ news.