Nothing cures the nearly- end- of -summer blues like a heart palpitating Season 5 Walking Dead trailer. Excited comments on the Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead webpage tout this will be the series’ most exciting season yet.

Good news for fans abounds. We will see perhaps the most grotesque walkers in the show’s history. Waterlogged walkers with severely distorted faces grab for survivors from below metal grates, while another group of walkers is blasted to fleshy bits by a water-cannon. The gruesomeness continues with Rick’s macabre circumstances.

Pieced together plot highlights reveal Rick’s crew, for the most part, is reunited. The four most compelling highlights: Glenn lands in a compromising position; the crew finds itself in a church (readers, rejoice!); Abraham falls to his knees in tears; and Beth is alive- but maybe not so well. Some exciting comic connections are likely on the horizon.

At the 2:20 minute mark, bound and gagged Glenn kneels while a figure behind him winds up with what appears to be a bat aimed at the back of Glenn’s head. TWD readers still mourn Glenn’s fate- but I won’t spoil that for fans who are still catching up with their reading. Since trailer sequences are rarely in accurate plot order, it’s tough to tell if Glenn meets his fatal blow. Seeing as he and Daryl are the top two fan favorites, chances are the bat stops short. We hope!

Another nod to comic readers is when Rick’s crew arrives at the church. Here is where our band of survivors meet Father Gabriel Stokes. reports that Seth Gilliam will play. Seth Gilliam continues the tradition of actors from The Wire joining the Walking Dead cast.

The introduction of Father Gabriel promises the appearance of one of the most disturbing story arcs- the cannibals. Viewers have long speculated that the occupants of Terminus are the cannibals from the comics, but the skewed sequence may disprove that conclusion. Conversely, it may mean the end of our Terminus bullies. If they are the cannibals, we know they don’t survive Rick’s savage survival instinct once he is hunkered down in the church.

That just may be the case, too. The trailer shows Terminus over-run with walkers. A fire ball erupting with walkers also indicates that Terminus goes out with a bit of a bang.

Two more fun features- the macho Abraham collapses and cries. Could he finally learn the truth of his trusted companion, Eugene? Eugene, the man with the Washington DC intelligence, has been Abraham’s lone mission and source of faith. Only one thing can bring the big burly man, who has already endured the unthinkable at the onset of the zombie apocalypse, to this sad state. It will be exciting to watch this sequence unravel and to see how the crew regroups… and WHERE they regroup- which leads to the next exciting feature.

Beth is alive! She has been long absent since she mysteriously disappeared after she and Daryl were attacked by a group of walkers. It looks like we’ll finally learn who “rescued” her.

This tasty tidbit doesn’t come until the end of the trailer. Beth, dressed in nurses scrubs, is seen getting reprimanded by a female sheriff. The sheriff is seen lecturing Beth- reminding Beth that she is a mere cog in the machine. The sheriff punctuates the message by ramming the but of her gun into Beth’s head. Where is Beth anyway? Could this be the Alexandria Safe-Zone? If it is, those folks better buckle up because there’s about to be a new sheriff in town.

What do you think about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead? What are you most excited to discover? Please share your curiosity and insight in the comment section.