Entertainment Weekly has new, exclusive photos of Carol, baby Judith & Rick from season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’, giving fans a hint of what’s to come. 

The first photo shows Carol holding  a healthy baby Judith in what looks like a wooded area.

Most likely it is along the road where the railroad tracks are as that’s where they were last seen traveling with Tyrese at the end of season 4.

Speaking of Tyrese he is nowhere to be seen in this pic and there was none released of him, making fans wonder if he’s the next cast casualty.

In the first trailer for season 5 Tyrese ,Carol and baby Judith were seen surrounded by walkers, so Tyrese’s absence from the photos might be a clue to his fate. 

On a more positive note the picture of Rick shows him staring at someone or something with a fierce look in his eye, which means wimpy Rick is gone and kick-ass Rick is back!

What’s even more exciting about this pic is that he is outside standing in the sun-which means he’s out of the railroad car!!!

He looks a little beat up, but not too badly which, (fingers crossed), may mean the group has beaten Gareth and they all made it out safely. 

There is sure to be more season 5 news after the cast takes the stage at Comic-Con on Friday, so check back with us.

Season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’ premieres this September on AMC.

You can watch the first 4 seasons of ‘he Walking Dead’ on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. 

What do you think these pictures mean?  Share your thoughts with us below and tell us your ideas.